Homeopathic Stop Smoking Support

Homeopathic Extra Calm & Nicotine Aversion tablets - a potent blend to help free you from Nicotine addiction!

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  • Helps reduce your cravings and desire for tobacco.
  • Doctor Recommended for Purity & Potency
  • Reduces irritability and restlessness while quitting smoking
  • Soothes the nerves during nicotine withdrawal
  • Relieves nervous tension during cessation
Body & Mind Shop Homeopathic Stop Smoking Support

New Life! Stop Smoking

'Homeopathic Detox & Anti Nicotine'

'Detox & Anti Nicotine' is a potent duo used for over 20 years at Body & Mind Shop Detox Centre & Retreat, as a powerful homeopathic combination that will do much to soothe and calm mental strain and stress associated with inharmonious modern living.

'Homeopathic Detox' (formula 1)
This homeopathic calming and detox blend is designed for everyone inclined to lead a sedentary life, typically prolonged office work, too much study, and close application to business with its accompanying cares and anxieties. This indoor life and mental strain seeks stimulants (coffee, alcohol etc) possibly in excess, or the hope to quiet excitement, by indulging in the sedative effects of tobacco or other seductive narcotics. These things are associated with other indulgences, for instance at the table preferringto take rich and stimulating food.
Homeopathic Detox will take away the need for comfort eating and the fear of weight gain.

Conditions such as these also produce an irritable nervous system - hypersensitive and over-impressionable.
Formula 1 will do much to soothe and calm.

'Homeopathic Anti Nicotine' ( formula 2)
In this second homeopathic blend, the tablets are taken to create an aversion to nicotine, where you will not be able to enjoy another cigarette. This will help you through any cravings - or can be taken in anticipation of stressful situations where there may be temptations.

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Excellent Results in Switzerland

A English translation from Swiss Health Technology, which was an assessment on the effectivenss of homeopthic medicine, that was published bcak in December 2011.
This authoritative report was very extensive offered  an  evidence based,  unambiguous endorsement for homeopathy, providing strong evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy especially in upper respiratory tract infections and allergic reactions (URTI/A).

In light of the recent claims in the UK media that there is no ‘scientific evidence’ for homeopathy, this example of robust evidence in favour of homeopathy is of particular importance.



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