Lamberts Ubiquinol coq10 Lamberts Plant Sterols helps to normalise cholesterol

Great importance for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels for those 40 years plus, or affected by age-related conditions,

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  • Millions believe ubiquinol is the break through to extending your life with more energy
  • Ubiquinol ‘Rescues’ Cells from Statin-Induced Side Effects
  • Ideally, suited for those over forty years helping to prevent or suffering with any age related issues such as Altzheimers, dementia
  • Plant sterols have been shown to be vitally important for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
Lamberts Ubiquinol-Reduced-CoQ10-60-Capsules
Lamberts Plant Sterols 800mg 60 tablets helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels

One Lamberts® Plant Sterol tablet a day can contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This tablet provides a full 800mg of 'free' (or pure) plant sterols with up to 80% beta-sitosterols. We quote the level of pure plant sterols in our tablets, not the compound weight declared by some companies, which may be only 50% sterols.

Plant sterols are naturally present in vegetable oils and grains, and have been shown to be vitally important for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. In structure, plant sterols are similar to cholesterol and they have been shown to benefit health by partially blocking cholesterol from being re-absorbed from the gut. Cholesterol is naturally secreted in bile to aid digestion and then re-absorbed further down the gut. By blocking this re-absorption of cholesterol, plant sterols can have a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels, even if a low cholesterol diet is being consumed.

Modern diets tend to be low in plant sterols, and so increasingly foods such as margarine are being fortified with sterols. These fortified foods can make a contribution to the daily intake of sterols but achieving an optimum intake by this means may not suit everyone.


New Ubiquinola UK (Ubiquinol COQ10) Ubiquinol 100mg

Ubiquinol is an exciting new electron rich form of coq10 and considered now to be the leading way forward by many health professionals in anti aging supplemention. Ubiquinol 100mg coq10 is a dose in a reduced but smart, convenient and easy to take active form of co enzyme q10. Each capsule delivers a full 100mg in the production of critical cell energy production and has many coenzyme benefits.

What is Q10? and Coenzyme Q10 benefits

Q10 is a powerful anti oxidant and a natural substance found in the body which helps to breakdown food into energy.

Theres evidence further to suggest that Q10 may lower blood pressue and can help treat heart failure if combined with conventional medications alongside many other uses such as high cholestrol, diabetes, gum or peridontal disease.

Until recently Coenzyme q10 dosage was the only way to increase ubiquinol within the body, which becomes an uphill struggle with age. However, following a break through after a decade of research scientist have managed to develope Ubiquinol and Body & Mind Shop is delighted to stock Lambert's Ubiquinol CO Q10. In this New form of (co-enzyme  Q10, ubiquinol), which has become a market leader due its superior absorption an all embracing antiageing supplement ideally suited and an essential tool for those over forty years for fighting and suffering with any age related issues such as Altzheimers and dementia

Ubiquinol ‘Rescues’ Cells from Statin-Induced Side Effects

  • Rhabdomyolsis is one of the most serious condtions associated with taking Statins that causes serious muscle breakdown, degeneration and  weakness manifested in symptoms such as muscle stiffness and pain that can lead to damage to the kidney.
  • A statin-induced suppression of ubiquinol can also contribute to rhabdomyolysis, so in a new study researchers determined  as expected and concluded that if cells were treated with the statin medication simvastatin along with ubiquinol, that muscle cells maybe protected from myopathies.
Ubiquinol 100mg

Co Q10 supplements

Encapsulated With:
Sunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Gelatin, Glycerin,  Iron Colour Oxide), together with Silicon Dioxide..

Ubiquinol dosage

Taking two capsules daily with food during the initial two weeks, unless otherwise advised by a practitioner. Thereafter, take 1 capsule daily with a meal. The daily recommended dose should not be exceeded. We do not advocate that any  food supplement should substitute a good and wholesome diet.


This product should not be used by children do not take if breast feeding or pregnant and not suitable for vegetarians.


This product is free from wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, soya, nuts and shellfish.
Not suitable for vegetarians - See more at:
This product is free from wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, soya, nuts and shellfish.
Not suitable for vegetarians - See more at:
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