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Black Cohosh side effects

If, you are searching for a natural safe herbal herbal solution for menopausal relief and may be put off by any of the possible black cohosh side affects that may include:

Abnormal heartbeat, vaginal discharge, changed blood pressure, bleeding changes, blood clots in legs, widening of blood vessels, and recurrence of breast cancer, breast pain and tenderness, discomfort in the chest, constipation, estrogen effects such as fluid accumulation edema and headaches. Body & Mind shop may have the answer.

Natural Medicine Research has demonstrated many successful interventions based on nutritional and herbal solutions together with some lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, very few clinicians are aware of these recent developments and consequently, many sufferers of common hormonal abnormalities don't know where to go to receive effective professional advice and therapy, because of this Body & Mind Shop works with The Association of Osteomyologists and is very much part of promoting a range of herbal herbal supplements available at

The women's health section of the website has many herbal, drug free, and non invasive, non surgical solutions to help meet your needs in the 21st Century.

Dr John Lee and Hormonal disturbances

Hormonal disturbances in both women and men can explain a large number of age related disorders. Dr Lee explains that many conditions experienced by women such as fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids, bone loss, and PMS, are largely the result of progesterone deficiency and oestrogen dominance. Mainly in western countries, women in their 30's often have a menstrual cycle) in which ovulation does not occur. Therefore without ovulation, no progesterone can be made to counterbalance the excess of oestrogen and its negative effects on the body. This has been linked by Dr Lee to a western diet and culture. In cultures where diet is rich in vegetables a natural progesterone deficiency doesn't exist, resulting in healthy ovaries and healthy follicles so that they sale through the menopause retaining a high libido, strong bones, where their menopause is symptom free.

If, you are experiencing:
Cramps, Migraines, Bloating, Breast tenderness, Hot flashes, Can't lose weight, lack of energy, depression- mood swings fibroid tumours, endometriosis-infertility, family history female related cancer, foggy thinking, Peri-menopause and losing height.

You may be also experiencing the hormonal imbalance (Oestrogen dominance): may cause all of the above symptoms.

You can choose either a synthetic estrogen and progesterone by prescription or a much more effective and safer alternative according to the studies of Dr Lee. Different research shows Mexican Wild Yam cream could be the solution for many women rather than estrogen as a suitable hormone for restoration of hormonal balance.

Diosgenin molecule is similar to progesterone produced in the human body. Mexican Wild Yam cream can try to equal or mimic the synthetic hormonal properties and for many succeed in providing an organic natural relief from: PMS, Menopause, Osteoporosis as well as enhanced libido, improves energy stamina and endurance to stimulate the body's own natural production and regulation of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other hormones. Women who choose to restore their hromone balance naturally by taking Body & Mind Shop PMS Wild Yam cream are noticing and reporting an uplifting feeling of well being and euphoria.

Hormonal restoration: P.M.S Wild Yam Cream, Menoduo & NPU

Body & Mind Shop's Menocool taken alongside P.M.S Mexican Wild Yam cream with its original formula using Hop's instead of black cohosh this gentle safe combination can help restore the balance of both (low progesterone and oestrogen), which many women can experience in their 30's starting to effect their fertility. Lower oestrogen levels can be naturally restored using Menocool with Hop's which has no known side effects over many years - in fact one of the most near perfect plant based phyto estrogen replacements.

Body & Mind Shop's better Hop's alternative than Black cohosh and its associated side-effects can also be delivered with Natural Push Up to help firm up sagging breasts saving you the cost of several thousand pounds and avoiding surgery. Many women continue to take Body & Mind Shop Natural Push Up on a maintenance dose for better health more vitality and increased libido, together with Mexican Wild Yam Cream to maintain a natural hormonal balance. So in summary we have three main products for menopausal relief avoiding all the side effects of black cohosh.

Why Not Enjoy all the benefits of Hop's forget Black Cohosh and experience the joy of menopausal relief?

Body & Mind Shop believes, that Menodual, Natural Push Up, P.M.S. Mexican Wild Yam Cream, Simplee Wonderful Vaginal moisturizing gel, that these naturally occurring progesterone and estrogen products are much friendlier to women's health then the conventional prescribed products that are synthetic pharmaceuticals.


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