Herbal Organic Dog Vitality Tablets

An energy-boosting dietary supplement for dogs and puppies

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  • boosting energy and vitality levels of fatigued animals
  • a dietary supplement for leanness and aliveness with organic energy.
Organic Dog Vitality Tablets

Herbal Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets are a herbal energy booster: a natural rich food source of B vitamins, trace minerals, protein and chlorophyll. This organic herbal remedy contains three times the protein value of beef; 50 times the energy boosting iron of spinach; ten times the calcium of milk; as much vitamin E as wheat germ and 100 times more Beta Carotene than carrots.

Herbal Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets are recommended for:

  • boosting energy and vitality levels of fatigued animals
  • achieving top condition during dog shows and competition
  • helping growing puppies, pregnant and nursing dogs
  • detoxification after immunisation or antibiotic treatment
  • a dietary supplement for leanness and aliveness with organic energy.

Herbal Organic 'Dog Vitality’ tablets are particularly favourable for bitches during pregnancy and nursing and the growth of young animals. They help to improve the immunity of the body against diseases and stress, accelerate the recovery after diseases, improve the appetite, and increase the efficacy of the food intake.

Dogs 20 lbs or over- feed 2-4 tablets daily
Dogs under 20 lbs - feed 1-2 tablets daily

For prophylaxis the daily dose is 1 tablet per 3-4 kg of body weight.
For treatment the dose is either doubled or given as directed by the veterinary practitioner.


Can I give Organic 'Dog Vitality’ tablets to my other pets?
Organic 'Dog Vitality’ tablets are an excellent supplement for all dogs, cats, birds and fish. Pet owners report relief for arthritic conditions in older animals, this may be due to the rare sulphur based compounds they contain.

Organic 'Dog Vitality’ tablets can also be crushed into a powder. Give large cats and small dogs 1g, medium dogs 2g, large dogs 3g and very large dogs 6g or more. Try stirring the crushed tablets into food, perhaps starting with small amounts in case your animal is suspicious when a ‘new’ food is introduced.

Do Organic 'Dog Vitality’ tablets contain Vitamin A?
Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets do NOT contain vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that can be dangerous at high levels. Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets contain beta carotene which your body converts to vitamin A as it is required; there is no danger of excessive vitamin A intake from using Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets.

One tub contains 60 Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets

It is advisable to consult your vet before making changes to your pet's diet.
This supplement is not intended to replace a well-balanced diet.
Tablets should be stored in dry, dark conditions at temperature not exceeding 25°C

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