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Meno Eeze By Body & Mind Shop HRT help with herbal phytoestrogens 60 caps (60 days) supply.

Looking for an alternative for relief than the risks associated with HRT 

For more information about the new reports about the risks associated with HRT, please search “Lancet and HRT” on line, for the report by BBC.  (see and also there is the Daily Mail search “New Alert over HRT” to find this and many more examples.

Meno EEZE Relief for Menopause
Natural Herbal Phytoestrogens for Hot Flashes

Meno Eeze is a Natural Alternative “food supplement” containing the highest quality concentrated extracts of key herbs, specially formulated to provide powerful relief from the major discomforts of menopause.

Many women are worried about the long term effects of HRT and are turning to safer natural alternatives.

Meno Eeze is a safer Natural Alternative and has many satisfied customers gathered over the years it has been sold.

Meno- Eeze is a food supplement which has been specially prepared to help women during the menopause. If, you are suffering from hot flushes, can no longer take HRT and wish to find an alternative to stabilise hot flushes within a few weeks where the sweating has become became unbearable. Then Menoeeze can be your absolute life changing miracle.

Millions of women are turning to "Natural Therapies" to gently restore their health gently during menopause without the need for HRT with alternatives like. Menoeeze that is a natural support, by boosting your own bodies naturally occurring phyto-estrogens.

Menopause can leave you feeling anxious and nervous. Meno eeze with its key herbs, minerals and vitamins make it easier by helping to support your health through tough and difficult times. By taking only one Meno Eeze capsule every day with water.

List of Ingredients:
Soy Isoflavone 40%, 150mg Hops - 150.3mg . Sage Officinalis Extract 5.1  - 30mg. Red Clover Extract 38:1 - 30mg Don Quai 6:1 Extract - 10mg  Agnus Castus 10.1 Extract -10mg-Extract - 10mg  Wild Yam 10.1 Extract -5.6mg Vitamin E  Acetate 50% - 10mg Chromium Picolinate 12% - 1.71mg Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin (vitaminB12) - 2mcg. Brown rice filler - 200mg. Veg source magnesium stereate. HPMC veggie capsule.

Direction: Take one capsule daily with water. Can be taken twice daily if needed. (60 day's (2) months supply).

NOt to be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers without first copnsulting a GP.

Doesn't contain

Yeast, Gluten, Corn, Starch, Maize, Wheat, Nut, Lactose, Dairy. GMO.Sugar or Salt. Artificial Colour, Flavouring or Preservatives.

Acceptable For

Kosher and Vegan Diets.

I have been using MENO-EESE - specially prepared for women to help with
unpleasant symptoms of menopause. The preparation significantly  reduced
hot flashes and sweat, which were especially unpleasant for me when I was at
This natural dietary alternative to conventional  HRT was recommended to me
by my  gynaecologist friend, who was taking it  herself  and recommending it
to  her patients to deal with menopause symptoms.
I, have  also recommended it to other women to take and  they reported
great results.
I have been taking it since 2010 and have not experienced  any side effects.
I am 58 years old professional, working full time doctor and only could say
thank you for Derek and his company making my life easier.

Dr Roberta Orton

Hot flushes and night sweats are a thing of the past, thanks to my friend
recommending Healthwize Meno-Eeze food supplement.
I have taken Meno-Eeze for several years and would recommend them to anyone
rather than taking chemical HRT which I have read so many bad reports about.
Many thanks for your quick and efficient service and a great product.
Many thanks for your service
Glenda Hudson

About 20 years ago when I started with all the menopause symptoms, the worst
by far being the hot flushes especially at night, I spent months trying to
find an alternative to prescribed HRT, but to no avail.
There were a few alternatives on the market and I tried them all, but
nothing worked. Banning my husband to another bed for six months did allow
me to find a cold spot in the bed during the night....but I missed him. In
desperation I went to the doctors and he prescribed HRT patches and thank
goodness they worked.
Fast forwards about 6 years.
I had been thinking for a good few months that I was time for me to come off
the patches, I had never really wanted to be on them in the first place.
Anyway, one day my patch fell off all on its own and for me that was my body
Now what to do?
Back I went to search the web....and thank goodness a few years had passed
by and there were a few new products on the market. I was 'drawn' to the
words  'Natural Herbal HRT' and that's how some ten years ago I found and
started to use the product that is now called Meno-Eeze....IT WORKS.....
I wouldn't be buying it  if it didn't.... and I wouldn't be recommending it
to all my friends....and I do...when you find something that's natural, it
can't harm you and it might just solve your did mine...then I
am happy to let all woman no about it.
We all go through cycles in our lives and there has been the odd time when I
have taken double the recommend dose as my hot flushed have sparked back up,
but by taking two instead of one (with absolutely no ill effects what so
ever) that's done the trick and when I have felt that the cycle has ended
back to the normal dose again. It has worked for me and is still working....
hope it works for you.
North East England

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