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Hops, not op's!

The good news is that a new report illustrates how hops (a vegetable that has been part of our diet for centuries) may help breasts to be fuller and firmer naturally. "Health Matters", the highly respected magazine distributed to Chemists and Health Food Stores, has published this report as a learning module to educate pharmacists about the special benefits of hops.

The report refers to scientific studies that have demonstrated that hops (the plant used in brewing beer) can be a rich natural source of phyto estrogens. Certain oestrogen hormones are essential to the natural development of a full and firm bust.

Phyto estrogens

Certain oestrogen hormones are vegetable matter and not a hormone but they perform a very similar function. However, the report warns that not all types of hop will help the bust. When choosing a hop-based food supplement to help the bust, it is essential that it contains DVE hops and does not contain any amino acids, like L- carnitine. The DVE symbol must be clearly printed on the packet. This symbol confirms that only the correct varieties of hops have been used!

One product that you can trust is Natural Push Up.

Natural Push-Up - a clinically proven success

This is a food supplement that guarantees that only DVE hops are used. A rigorous independent double blind study into the effectiveness of Natural Push-Up has been conducted by Pharmascope. The study confirms that the bust of 81% of the women in the trial was measurably fuller and firmer; over 70% increased by a cup size! The trial also revealed that a number of women claimed that they slept better and showed improvement to their skin, hair and nails.

These are benefits from hops that have been found in many other studies. No unwanted side effects were experienced in the trial, although the manufacturers have found that in rare cases menstruation can be heavier.

It is reassuring to know that all of the ingredients in Natural Push Up have been a part of our diet for centuries, most particularly to flavour beer. It is only relatively recently that beer has been pasteurised, so reducing the benefit of phyto estrogens. It is not surprising that in the past maternity wards would recommend breast feeding mothers to drink stout!

Natural Push Up is sold in a bulk pack of 160 tablets. A very competitive cost when compared with surgical implants!

Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up is made only of natural foods that have always been a part of our diet and are regarded as safe.

The precise ingredients are extracts and fibres from the following:

Hops (3 varieties), Buckwheat, Black Oats, Malt, Barley, Wheat, Maize, and an anti-caking agent made of vegetable magnesium stearate.

A leading Dutch pharmaceutical company specialising in homeopathic preparations makes breast enlargement Natural Push Up for the inventor and his company. The manufacturing laboratory is licensed by the Dutch Government who certify that breast enlargement Natural

Push Up may be sold freely as a food product. We have examined many products over the years that make strong claims. Many simply do not work. Those containing wild yam (murifica purifica) may sound interesting, but it is not grown as a food. This wild yam is used medicinally and risks adverse effects through overdose. We have also rejected food supplements that contain ordinary hops. These may sound similar but are grown to be bitter for making beer. Typically, they are too bitter and are often ridiculously overpriced.

What can I expect Natural Push Up might do for me?

Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up can provides a food supplement to assist nutrition in your diet. 1-2 tablets, taken daily, provide fibre and a safe natural source of phyto estrogens.

Can anyone guarantee Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up will benefit me?

No guarantees can be made or implied. Every human being is an individual and each responds to breast enlargement Natural Push Up in different ways. No double blind clinical study has been completed as yet to confirm any claims of enhancement of the breast. The manufacturers rely on the fact that the vast majority of women re-order because they are satisfied with the benefits they have seen. We recommend that if there is no indication of any benefit during the first 6-8 weeks (the first packet of 160 tablets), then it may be unlikely you will find any benefit. As with any food supplement, the first packet is a gamble. Human biology is complex, accordingly no food can guarantee any benefit as other factors can play a part which may limit their effect.
For example: some people may have an allergy or sensitivity to a food and cannot process the nutrition provided. In rare cases, there is a genetic problem that prevents normal development. More common is where people simply do not follow the instructions.

How long will I need to keep taking it?

If Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up shows any benefit within the first 2 months, it is generally necessary to continue eating 5 tablets per day for another 2 packets to make sure that you have the best possible results and stabilise the benefits observed. After this it is recommended to continue eating 2-4 tablets each day as part of your normal diet and to help maintain any benefits that you have found. Some women find that after initial successany benefit can diminish after their next period. This is quite normal as the body is adjusting to its new diet . Continuing with NPU ensures that any benefits are restored and after 3-4 packs benefits will normally remain provided you then continue to take 2-5 tablets each day to maintain this valuable source of nutrition.

How many breast enlargement Natural Push Up do I eat each day?

Generally, it is wise to start at 5 tablets each day. 5 tablets are equivalent to only two slices of wholemeal bread. Of course, as with any food, if you experience any adverse effect you should stop eating breast enhancement Natural Push Up.

Will Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up make me put on weight and become fatter?

Breast Enhancement Natural Push Up is unlikely to increase your weight. As stated above, eating 5 tablets each day is only equal to two slices of wholemeal bread. In fact, some who are overweight claim to lose weight, this may be due to the addition of fibre improving the digestion.

Are there any side effects?

In published literature there has never been any report on any toxic effect from any of the ingredients. All of the ingredients are accepted by the strict controls of the FDA in America as safe foods. Hops are traditionally reported by herbalists to provide dietary health benefits, particularly in improving sleep and reducing anxiety. The fact you will be encouraged to drink the two litres of water throughout each day, as Doctors now recommend, will also help in maintaining good health. Breast Enhancement Natural Push Up is a valuable source of fibre too.

Consumers have mentioned the following side effects when using breast enhancement Natural Push Up:

If drinking beer or lager at the same time as wine or wine distillates, or eating grapes makes you feel nauseous, you are likely to feel the same if you drink or eat grape derived products at the same time as taking Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up. Others have reported that they sometimes retain excess fluid. This is can be due to an allergy to one of the food products in NPU, although it is usually due to drinking too little water. In some cases the menstrual cycle alters, in rare cases mid-month spotting may occur in the first few months.

Aren’t there any risks of side effects in the future?

To assure you that there are no risks, we have to tell you more about how breast enhancement Natural Push Up works. As we mentioned earlier, the effects produced are the result of low doses of phyto-estrogens combined with other natural substances. Phyto-estrogens are present in many plants. However during recent years much is lost through food processing. Any effect from eating Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up are not caused by any detrimental increase in the body's oestrogen level since the body's reaction would be to stop its own production of this substance. For this reason, when taking Natural Push Up, the level of phyto estrogen in the bloodstream is scarcely if at all elevated. There is absolutely no relationship between this product and the illegal administration of hormones such as anabolic steroids.

What is the best way to take Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up?

Taking the tablets throughout the day keeps the levels of the ingredients in the blood equal. This way, the tablets can produce their most beneficial effects. It is not necessary, however, to take the tablets at precise intervals throughout the day. After all it is only food and is best eaten whenever you would have made yourself a drink anyway.
NPU can even be taken one at a time, always making sure that this is together with fluid, preferably a glass (25ml) of water or occasionally with other cold drinks. If you feel the tablet is too large, you can reduce the size of the tablet if preferred by breaking it into smaller pieces. When taking any tablet, always take a sip of water first, to moisten the throat, then wash down the tablets with water. If you only think about swallowing the water, you will find the tablet has gone down without noticing. Approximately one glass (25ml) of water should be drunk with each tablet. Think of the tablets as biscuits and have one or two every time you take a drink throughout the day until you have reached the daily quantity you desire. If any are left you can take them in one go. It is advisable to leave one or two until an hour before bedtime. Hops are known to help improve your sleep.

Why should taking the tablets be accompanied by drinking water?

The user is advised to drink a glass of water with each one. The aim being to ensure the tablets rehydrate. So with 5 tablets taken through the day you are likely to consume around 2 litres of water a day and according to health care reports this is a good thing. Of course any fluid will help and water has no calories. Drinking water is essential to encourage the important activity of the ingredients through re- hydration. this isnot any way harmful. In fact it will help you to maintain the consumption of 2 litres each day that Doctors now advise.

Can I take breast enhancement Natural Push Up in tea or coffee, if I wish, or can I dissolve or chew them?

The taste of hops is very bitter. Dissolving or chewing them would prove unpleasant. The advantage of taking breast enlargement Natural Push Up with water, rather than say, tea or a fruit juice, is that water contains no calories and has no harmful effects when taken in reasonably large quantities. Some alternatives to water may reduce the nutritional elements of NPU (e.g. alcohol and very hot drinks).

Can I stop eating the tablets anytime I wish?

Of course you may, breast enlargement Natural Push Up is not a medicine. However, nutritional benefits result from a consistent continued diet and not from occasional use.
Always stop if you believe you are experiencing any adverse effects.

If I forget to take the tablets one day, should I take a double amount the next?

No, forgetting to take the tablets for just one day will not produce a noticeably negative effect. For this reason, you need not take a double amount on the following day. However a break of more than 4 days may quickly start to reverse the benefits.

I'm not having my menstrual period on time, but I'm on birth control pills. Can Natural Push Up cause this, or should I see my doctor?

In practice, it has been shown that the tablets have no permanent or significant effect on the menstrual cycle. If menstruation has not occurred, the delay will not be caused by breast enlargement Natural Push Up. You may be pregnant and should stop eating breast enlargement Natural Push Up just in case. It is wise to conduct a pregnancy test or to make an appointment with your Doctor.

Do the tablets interfere with the action of medicines?

Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up is simply made with food products so there would seem to be no reason. Even so, if you are taking any medicine and considering changing your diet in any way, you should always first check with your Doctor. At this time, there have been no reports from users about reduced or adverse effects on other medicines.

Does taking these tablets effect the use of birth control pills?

In practice, it has been shown that Natural Push Up has no effect on the function of birth control pills. Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up must not be used in place of these contraceptives.

Can those with breast implants take Natural Push Up?

The answer to this question depends on where the implants were introduced. If the implants have been placed under the breast muscle, the implants will form no hindrance whatsoever for the use of breast enlargement Natural Push Up. When implants have been introduced into the breast itself, it may be considered unwise for breast enlargement Natural Push Up to be eaten.

Is there any scientific evidence of benefits?

Hops are an important ingredient, the varieties chosen are DVE approved. This means that they are specially selected and are the result of 20 years research and development. They are known to be the least bitter and are a rich source of phyto-estrogens, especially Isoflavones, Genistein and Diadzein, and specifically the flavonoids and prenylflavanoids.
Grains are an important source of fibre restoring the integrity of the stomach lining, improving digestion and providing roughage to assist regular bowel movements. Phytonutrients such as Terpenes, Flavanoids, Tocotrienols and Tocopherols are also found in grains. These are considered to benefit general health too.

Shouldn’t Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up be classified as a medicine?

No more than milk, cheese or oranges. Milk is rich in nutrients that promote healthy hair and nail growth, cheese helps bones and teeth, oranges are rich in vitamin C so it helps to protect you against colds and scurvy. None of these are considered medicinal. Foods selected for breast enlargement Natural Push Up like hops, malt, wheat, barley and oats also provide dietary benefits but none of these foods claim to be a cure and none are used to treat any illness.
Medicines are typically concentrates of single chemicals found in vegetable matter or synthetically reproduced. Concentrations that require careful prescription and close supervision and may risk serious side effects through overdose.

How do I know it's not dangerous to eat breast enhancement Natural Push Up?

Not one of the ingredients is foreign to us. Breast enlargement Natural Push Up is a food with ingredients that have been enjoyed by us and our ancestors since mankind began, foods that are part of our diet today. There are no questionable or unusual natural foods like strange herbs or foreign plants. All of the ingredients can be found in everyday breakfast cereals and in beer and lager. The only difference between Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up and those foods found in our modern diet is that these are grown in an organic way, without the use of artificial fertilisers and the valuable nutrients are not lost by processing.

Is breast enlargement Natural Push Up good for absolutely everyone?

We recommend that you do not exceed 5 tablets a day;:it is not wise to eat any food in excess, even carrots are bad for you if you eat nothing else.

IMPORTANT Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up is not suitable for men in the quantity advised for women. Men should not eat more than five tablets each day.
It is very important to follow the advice given on the packet and to read the information shown on first page of this leaflet carefully. It describes when and for whom breast enlargement Natural Push Up is not suitable.

Does the fact that there has never been a double-blind study conducted mean that taking breast enlargement Natural Push Up is similar to being a Guinea Pig?

The administration of this preparation is not in its early stages. Its effect has been proven in practical situations. Hundreds of thousands of women around the world use Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up, many being in Holland since 1992 and in the UK since 1998. No ill effects have been reported and there has never been any claim of even blaming any disorder on breast enlargment Natural Push Up. Many users re-order breast enlargement Natural Push Up. Of course no-one would re-order if there were no apparent benefit!

Is breast enlargement Natural Push Up produced under strict controls?

Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up is produced in a leading laboratory in Holland licensed to produce food products. The manufacturer is a respected producer of homeopathic preparations. Breast Enlargement Natural Push Up is prepared according to strict Government requirements comparable to the requirements applicable to medicines. The tablets are not marketed until after being approved in the laboratory and released for sale by the company’s pharmacist responsible for this task.

I've had some medical problems, can I take breast enlargement Natural Push Up?

Only your Doctor knows your medical history, in this case as with pregnancy or any intestinal disorder, only he can confirm that adding breast enlargement Natural Push Up to your diet is suitable for you. If you are unsure ask your Doctor by showing the list of ingredients and the expert report attached.

You mentioned hops, the ingredient in beer. Can drinking beer reinforce the effect of breast enlargement Natural Push Up?

No, the production of beer involves boiling for pasteurisation. Any active ingredients present in beer during its initial stages are broken down during the production process. Also the benefits of many nutrients can be lost when stored in liquid form.

Has any country ever forbidden the sale of breast enlargement Natural Push Up?

No, whether or not a product is permitted for use in a country depends on the product's proven level of safety. This product is extremely safe. So safe, in fact, that not a single government has raised any objection to it.

Can breast enlargement Natural Push Up be helpful for menopausal women?

It might seem logical that as breast enlargement Natural Push Up contains plant oestrogens can assist in hormonal imbalance. Women report overall  feeling of well being and euphoria.

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