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Endymion Carnosine Powder Testimonial from Ethos - the company responsible for producing the Endymion Powder and the Eye Drops




Just a note to say that the Endymion Carnosine powder is having a truly remarkable effect on my health. So much so that people are beginning to notice and ask questions about it. ‘Diabetically’ speaking, I have been so stable it is a miracle to me. But energy wise and optimism wise the changes in me have been amazing. I will be ordering more very soon and plan to stay on it indefinitely.


I am still using the Bright Eyes drops and although it is difficult to judge 100%, as the glare of the sun is not that strong at this time of year in Australia, the fogging I suffered from does actually appear to be getting a little better. I have been out for day trips several times lately whereas before I stayed indoors, as the light made my eyes react and fog over so badly that even sunglasses did little to help - not so anymore.


The only way I can explain things is that the misting in my eyes seems to be thinner than it used to be. Each day it appears to be thinning and I don't think I am imagining it.


I am staying with the program and using the drops up to 10 times a day with a minimum of 8 times. I am now on my third week of using the eye drops and the Endymion powder and have to say I have never felt so well. I apologise for my earlier doubts as I really do have a habit of forming an opinion before things have had a chance to start working.


My brother is so impressed with the way he sees me so healthy happy and energetic these days that he is curious to look into things now. Also my sister has been looking at your site and is curious about the Endymion powder although she is unsure of the cost at this time but also has noticed a change in me not to mention my diabetes.


I am very glad I found your site and thank you for your earlier patience with my never ending questions and doubts, but I am seeing the results for myself now and so are those around me and I am very grateful for the help when I first tried things. Hopefully the drops eventually will perform the same miracle that the Endymion powder is doing. I never thought there would be a product out there that would make me feel so well. does.


Would it be safe to put a tiny bit of Endymion powder into my moisturizer on my face. Just for personal use until you get your Rejuvion out there again, which I hope you do.





From Australia




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Corinne, Australia
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