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N.B. Bright Eyes was the original name for Re-Vital Eyes and Clear Focus was the original name for New Focus, both products are exactly the same as the originals

Re: Testimonial on Clear Focus and Bright Eyes Products

Dear Sirs,

My mother suffered from recurring attacks of iritis in 1988 which resulted in scarring of the iris. Within months, this became compounded by cataract formation in both eyes. This resulted in a progressive deterioration of her sight to the extent she considered having to stop driving and could only read with the aid of a magnifying glass. We read of the above products in an article in the Daily Mail and started treatment early January this year. Within 3 weeks, there was a marked improvement in her sight. We do not expect an instant result due to the maturity of her cataracts, but are gradually noticing a further improvement.

I cannot recommend these products highly enough. The scientific background and absence of side effects was enough for us.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Russell PhD BDSA

Margaret Russell PhD BDSA , UK
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