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Dear Hilary,


As promised, I am writing to you to let you know how delighted I am with Serrapeptase.


For over 12 years now I have suffered from chronic prolapsed disc problems. I had tried everything, all types of conventional treatments, including surgery, as well as complimentary therapies and treatments, but to no avail. My back problems seemed to be getting gradually worse and worse. Every morning I would wake up in pain, starting the day like this grinds you down, I was getting very low and depressed because of this.


I was finding it more and more difficult to do even the simplest tasks, like lifting anything or sitting in a chair. As I could not sit in the same position for longer than half an hour, I was even having to refuse invitations to dinner parties etc., as I knew that I could not sit for long periods of time. Driving was becoming practically impossible. I was getting very weak and tired, as I was so inactive due to being unable to do any form of exercise. This was making me feel extremely low and despondent. My quality of life was getting worse.


Then I read an article about Serrapeptase and how it had helped someone with a similar back problem to mine. As it felt like I had tried practically everything else, I felt that I had nothing to lose. Much to my surprise the pain was relieved fairly swiftly and I can honestly say that I am practically pain free now and just like my old self before all these problems started. I can drive long distances now and exercise; I even walk long distances on a daily basis and play tennis – a pleasure that was denied me before. We have recently spent three weeks in South Africa and I even managed the long haul flight which was over eleven hours long, I couldn’t have even managed a short flight at one time.


It is so wonderful to be active and pain free again. In the beginning I took quite high doses, but now I have reduced the dosage down to a maintenance one. If I feel a slight twinge come back, I just take a few more for a couple of days and that seems to do the trick.


Once again, I am so grateful that I discovered Serrapeptase as I have my life back again.


With many thanks,




N.B. Original signed copy, with full address, on file at Head Office

J. T. , Nr Bridport
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