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Endymion Carnosine Powder Testimonial

Dear Hilary,

As you know, I have been suffering from an annoying and irritating eye problem for some time now. Unfortunately, due to severe sensitivity, I am now unable to use any eye drops (although they have been helpful) but have continued to take the Endymion Carnosine Powder.

About two years ago, I went to my GP to report my receding, thinning hair and some bald patches. It was suggested that the cause was my diabetes. I am also diagnosed with having an under-active thyroid. However, because an under-active thyroid and thinning hair have affected other members of my family, I naturally though I had to ‘accept my lot’.

A few months ago, I decided to take just a little more of the Endymion Carnosine Powder to make up for the fact that I wasn’t able to take the Carnosine directly into my eye. I think you know what I am going to say.

Since October last year, new hair has started to grow all over my head. I’ve never know anything like it before and I am fascinated to feel all the ‘spiky bits’ as I run my fingers over my scalp. My hairdresser tells me that there are now NO empty patches. Although there may be other factors that could have contributed to the hair growth, I do believe it is your powder.

On a lighter note and to add to my conviction of the restorative powers of the powder, I thought you would also be interested in another success story. I normally take a glass of water, containing the Carnosine Powder, to bed with me so that, as instructed, I can take my last Carnosine Powder drink before I go to sleep. If there is any left in the morning, as I prefer my water fresh, I tip what is left into my geraniums. They had been looking very ‘sad’ and I was at the point of throwing them out, when I noticed that they had begun to flourish (and are still flourishing) more than they have ever done before. I attribute their amazing recovery to the Carnosine Powder.

I thought these stories, which are absolutely true and not exaggerated in any way, may be of interest to your customers.

Thanking you and with kind regards

Jane Chapman

Warwickshire – 9th March 2014

(Signed and dated copy at head office)

Jane Chapman, Warwickshire
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