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Bright Eyes Testimonial

Dear Hilary,

I was diagnosed eight years ago with cataracts "needing attention". I am very much against any surgery if it can be avoided, I have two friends who have not been helped by the cataract operation; one of them had a dreadful time and her eyes feel no better at all.

Then, fortunately for me, I saw the Richard & Judy show and decided to give Ethos drops a try. Really the improvement has been amazing, the only trouble I have nowadays is when I allow myself to get overtired, but once I have used the drops again, there is immediate relief.

Although my eyes are much better now, towards the end of last year, I contacted you, Hilary to discuss the 'floaters' that I suffered from badly. It was true that I had only been applying the drops twice a day unless my eyes felt really bad. Although the cost is a consideration, as your eyes are so precious, I decided to take your advice Hilary and I tried them more frequently. I started to use the drops at least seven times in twenty-four hours, probably more some days.

I am very grateful to you Hilary for your advice re the drops, I have followed your instructions to the letter to very great advantage, my eyes are much better now with hardly any floaters. It is marvellous not having to put up with so many floaters, they are a rather scary pest - also I have had much less eyestrain since taking your advice. I even manage to use the eye drops during the night; whenever I wake I put in the drops, therefore covering my seven times a day.

When I feel the least bit of eyestrain, I just put more drops in; I carry them with me at all times. It truly has helped enormously, so you can see that I feel sincere gratitude to you.

I have used more than I thought over the Christmas & New Year holiday, so will be pleased to receive my order. As ever, I found the drops wonderful, in fact I experienced some clouding of vision on one of the days, but the eye drops soon put that right.

You may use my letter as a testimonial, as I would like to help others who prefer this way of dealing with cataracts to having an operation, which is not infallible, as two of my friends have found to their cost, or with other eye problems.

Once again I appreciate your feedback and confirm my gratitude for your wonderful advice

Very many thanks,

D.B, Crowborough
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