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Janice from Devon, UK: "I discovered the wonders of body & mind shop Apple Cider Vinegar activator a few months ago. My husband caught a viral infection and was so sick he lost 2 days work, after two weeks he was still sick and I got a scratchy throat by the 3rd day I could barely talk or eat it hurt so bad. My mother suggested I try ACV and honey mixed together and take 1 TBL 3 times a day. I was desperate so I tried it. 1 spoon in the morning and wow did it burn my throat I had to drink some water to stop the burn, I had 3 spoons of the ACV and honey mixture and that evening my sore throat was gone!!! My husband refused to try it and a few days later he called me from work and said he was going to the ER because he felt so sick. He was sent home with a prescription. I told him just try the ACV and honey, you have been sick all this time but I was sick only 3 days, just try it! He did and it worked, he never filled the prescription. I plan on buying some unprocessed ACV to treat other health problems I have. ACV is a wonder!"

Janice, UK
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