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Facial Enhancement & Anti-Ageing

Introducing: Cerules StemEnhancement ULTRA 

The world's leading natural stem cell enhancer and

our best selling Anti-Ageing product 

Find out how Stem Cell Supplements Work

In a hurry to try Stem Cell Supplements?

Increase your adult stem cells naturally

To find out more on Cerule and StemEnhance ULTRA and how to order these products

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Firstly to buy these amazing products at wholesale prices and the opportunity to earn a second income. If this is of interest just mention: Body & Mind Shop for FREE help and mentoring and contact our business partner Mike Trigg on 07783511277/ email remember to just mention Body & Mind Shop FREE help and mentoring and to give your name contact details and best time to call. Plus you can find out more at:

We look forward to hearing from you. 


StemEnhance ULTRA

This is a health product that everybody needs to boost their immune system, especially in these Covid times. 

StemEnhance Ultra concentrates and combines extracts from nature's most primitive superfoods, freshwater microalgae and marine macroalgae, providing the body with the ultimate in stem cell support.

To find out more on Cerule and StemEnhance ULTRA click through on:

Our other Anti-Ageing products include:

Marine Collagen

Did you know, that you can look younger by taking marine collagen capsules at night and get a better quality sleep, waking up feeling refreshed, aswell as plumping up your face, diminishing lines and wrinkles.Marine collagen is taken by sports professionials and helps improve overall joint mobility. Natural alternatives to botox, that can make you look younger and grow younger Naturally, being able to increase your bust size, feel more curvy, within yourself without the risks of expensive surgery.


Pearlcium is natural, bioavailable active signal protein source that can help stimulate new skin and bone growth, offset osteoporosis, build bone density and quickly regenerate collagen, producing radiant and younger-looking skin. See more on Pearl Health News by clicking through on Pearlcium

Equalizer Plus

The natural pain relief formula cream Equalizer Plus can help ease away joint and muscle pains for the vast majority of those who suffer with arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrrome, Bruises, Sports Injuries, Sprains, and need joint care without prescription drugs that can prodcue dramatic side effects.

Magnesium Citrate

Did you know Magnesium is required for cardiovascular health, relief of muscular cramps and spasms, unlocking muscle tension and spasms with Mag CitrateMagnesium, has been shown to help people suffering from low moods and a frantic, confused state of mind and that Magnesium is a vital mineral to increase bone density. To find out more see Lambert's MagAbsorb.



Facial Enhancement & Anti-Ageing


Marine Collagen Capsules / Supplements

  Reverse Life helps youTurn back the years. Look younger, feel younger by taking just One capful per...

from £19.95  

Natural Pain Relief Cream for Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain

Arthritis Pain??  Don't Live With It!  Fight Back Naturally! If you're one of the millions of...

from £19.99 RRP £21.99 - Save 9%

100% Pearlcium with active signal protein for a youthful health and beauty longevity supplement

100% Pearl with active signal protein, With none other than Pearlcium Ingredients Take advantage of Bulk...

from £59.99 RRP £61.99 - Save 3%

Proto-Col™ Collagen Body Care

Proto-Col Instant Body Bliss Contains: 250g A tropical body scrub to tackle cellulite and stretch...

from £24.99  

Proto-Col Collagen Capsules New Collagen with Verisol & Collagen Shots

Proto-Col Beauty - 100% Pure Collagen capsules Contains: 90 Capsules (one month's supply) Beauty formula...

from £33.95 RRP £34.95 - Save 2%

Proto-Col™ Collagen Skin Care

      Collagen Shots - Dark Berry Flavour 10 Day Programme (10 Bottles x...

from £13.95  

Pure Collagen FaceLift

The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Formula   Redefining the Look Good and Feel Good Factor with Pure-Col...

from £28.99 RRP £29.88 - Save 2%

Lamberts Magnesium 150mg Citrate superior absorption of magnesium for relief of muscular cramps & spasms

  Magnesium 375 (as Hydroxide, Oxide, Citrate & Carbonate) 100%...

from £10.95 RRP £11.95 - Save 8%

Serrapeptase Enzyme 250 000 iu How to use tips 'by' health practitioners

Why not? Buy Body & Mind Shop Serrapeptase – 250,000 IU (units) Super strength (90) capsules in a...

from £15.00 RRP £17.99 - Save 16%
from £19.95 RRP £29.95 - Save 33%
from £38.95 RRP £39.90 - Save 2%
from £58.50 RRP £59.85 - Save 2%

Lift & Renew Cream - Anti-Wrinkle, Lines and Eyebags.

  Lift & Renewal Cream uses natural age reversing Face Lift Technology and is now...

from £28.95 RRP £29.95 - Save 3%

TRX2 Molecular Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Buying our three bottle 'Supersaver'  pack can save you £12 (UK) pounds per bottle....

from £139.95 RRP £170.85 - Save 18%

RESVERATROL Human 30 Licaps

Scientists have found Resveratrol slows down the aging...

from £28.99 RRP £30.99 - Save 6%

Buy Marine Phytoplankton Supplement - Available in Tablets or Powder Form

  Ethos Marine Phytoplankton – Available in Capsule & Powder Form Humans too are...

from £68.95 RRP £69.95 - Save 1%

Cerules Stem Enhance Ultra UK Stem Cell Supplements

Find out how Stem Cell Supplements Work In a hurry to try Stem Cell Supplements? Here are directions to...

from £60.00 RRP £67.00 - Save 10%
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