Proto-Col™ Collagen Body Care

Coral collagen body care for youthful vitality

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Instant Manicure
Proto-Col Body Bliss Body Scrub

Proto-Col Instant Body Bliss
Contains: 250g
A tropical body scrub to tackle cellulite and stretch marks.

Instant Body Bliss is the ultimate girly indulgence for anyone looking for a truly luxurious, yet affordable beauty solution.

The instant body bliss Dead Sea salt scrub is a beautiful natural baby pink, the colour of a South Pacific sunset, and it leaves skin super smooth and moisturised in just 60 seconds.

The instant body bliss contains luxury essential oils such as Neroli and Sandalwood for longer term treatment to tackle stretch marks and cellulite. The oils also have aphrodisiac qualities. The tropical fragrance is light and delicate, transporting you to a hazy, lazy perfect tropical holiday.

Proto-Col Instant Manicure
To smooth, exfoliate and soften your skin in seconds.
Contains: 250ml 80+ Applications
A top quality all-natural formula with antioxidants.

This Instant Manicure also includes Dead Sea Salts to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, along with quality natural essential oils to balance, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. proto-Col Instant Manicure will leave your hands feeling silky smooth and soft in just 60 seconds.

The luxurious blend of oils in the Instant Manicure includes grapeseed, walnut, avocado, orange, rosemary and peppermint. This product not only produces sensational results, but also smells fantastic.

For maximum results, after mixing the product, apply one spatula of Instant Manicure in the palm of one hand. Place the palm of the other hand on top and gently massage them together slowly moving over the entire surface of each hand gently.

This gentle massage aids absorption of the pure essential oils within the product, whilst the treatment progresses. Within minutes of this massage, the heat generated helps to bring blood to the surface tissue and the hands appear brighter and smoother, thus taking on renewed vitality both in colour and texture.


  • Gentle rotary movements speed up the removal of the dead surface cells, which aids the absorption of the perfectly balanced oils within the product.
  • After massaging for 60 seconds, gently bathe both hands in warm water to remove the dead sea salts. Pat dry for soft and smooth hands.

Instant manicure is a scientific breakthrough giving satisfactory, speedy and lasting results. This fantastic product can also be used as a refreshing treat for tired feet.
Some people experience an improvement after just a few weeks whilst others will need a number of months to see and feel a significant difference. For this reason an initial 3~6 month course is recommended. Increasingly we find that people wish to continue with the collagen after only a few weeks.

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Instant Body Bliss

  • Grapeseed Oil - Astringent, rich in vitamins
  • Passionflower Oil - Moisturising and calming
  • Apricot - Humectant rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals
  • Guava - Helps to strengthen the skin
  • Melon - An excellent skin conditioner
  • Lemongrass - A good skin tonic, effective on oily skin, open pores, acne
  • Neroli - Helps improve skin regeneration and elasticity, Good for stretch marks, scars and helps de-stress, Also good for mature skin and insomnia
  • Sandalwood - A balancing oil particularly good for anti-ageing. Softens the skin, Good for stretch marks, scars and sensitive skin.
  • Sea salts - Exfoliating
  • Dead Sea Salts - Rich in minerals for healthy cell function.
  • Citric Acid - Cleansing
  • Vitamin C - Anti-oxidant
  • Vitamin A - Anti-wrinkle. Stimulates collagen formation & elasticity
  • Vitamin E - Anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, anti-oxidant


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