Marine Collagen Capsules / Supplements

Highest quality pure marine collagen for skin, muscle, bone and cartilage creation - turn back the clock on ageing!

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  • Naturally becoming firmer. The lines & wrinkles in the eye area will begin to diminish and the lip border area start to fill out.
  • 100% Pure Marine Collagen Vegetarian capsule shell 00 (HPMC) 125mg
  • White fish collagen has higher absorption rates and superiority over cheaper bovine collagen
  • Resealable packaging that fully protects your product, which is moisture, air tight, and light proof.
Marine Collagen : 120 x 750mg capsules (2 months' supply) save £2.00
Marine Collagen : 240 x 750mg capsules (Four months' supply ) Save £22.92 Which Includes One Months Supply Free.
Marine Collagen : 60 x 750mg capsules (1 month's supply)

Additional Information

100% Pure Marine Collagen Ingredients:
100% Pure Marine Collagen Vegetarian capsule shell 00 (HPMC) 125mg
Collagen 'white' fish in the cold waters of the Artic Ocean.
Marine Collagen Types I and III 750mg Ascorbic Acid 50mg (50mg Vitamin C) Pyridoxine HCI 1.25mg (1mg vitamin B6) Thiamin HCI 0.80mg (0.7mg Vitamin B1) Riboflavin 0.80mg (0.7mg Vitamin B2) Cyanocobalamin 0.01mg (5cmg Vitamin B12)
750mg 2 vegetarian piece Capsule Shell (HPMC) 125mg Magnesium Stearate (Veg.) 24.15mg

None of the following nasties: Sodium salt- Sugar Sweeteners-Artificial colours -Artificial flavours- Artificial Preservatives

Typically provides
Marine Collagen  400.0mg
Providing the following Amino Acids:
Alanine 37.2 mg
Arginine 34.0 mg
Asparic Acid 28.8 mg
Glutamic Acid 30.0 mg
Glycine 93.6 mg
Histadine 4.8 mg
Hydroxylysine 3.6 mg
Hydroxyproline 44.0 mg
Isoleucine 6.8 mg
Lysine 12.8 mg
Methionine 4.4 mg
Phenylalanine 11.2 mg
Proline 52.8 gm
Serine 12.4 mg
Threonine 10.0 mg
Thyrosine 2.0 mg
Valine 11.6  mg

Gluten No Crustaceans No Fish  Yes  Marine Collagen Egg  No Peanuts  No Soya  No
Milk  No Nuts  No Celery  No Mustard  No Sesame Seeds No Sulphites No

* As per EU Food Labelling Regulations (1996) Schedule AA1

100% Pure Marine Collagen Ingredients:
100% Pure Marine Collagen Vegetarian 2 piece vegetarian capsule shell 00 (HPMC) 125mg
Free from yeast, gluten, salt, sugar and dairy products.
White fish from the natural icy waters of the Artic..
Marine Collagen 750mg
Marine Collagen Types I and III 750mg Ascorbic Acid 50mg (50mg Vitamin C) Pyridoxine HCI 1.25mg (1mg vitamin B6) Thiamin HCI 0.80mg (0.7mg Vitamin B1) Riboflavin 0.80mg (0.7mg Vitamin B2) Cyanocobalamin 0.01mg (5cmg Vitamin B12)
Capsule Shell (HPMC) 125mg Magnesium Stearate (Veg.) 24.15mg

100% Pure Marine Collagen Nutritional Information:

Each capsule will typically provide: E.C.Recommended Daily Allowance %RDA 100% Pure Marine Collagen 750mg
Each capsule = 750mg
60 Capsules = 1 month's supply
120 Capsules = 2 months' supply
180 Capsules = 3 months' supply

Highest Quality Marine Collagen Veggie Capsules

Did you know that as stated by the latest research, collagen sourced from bovine is one seventh lower in rank status and quality to fish collagen when divided into pieces by molecular weight.

Many of today's collagen supplements in the market place, unfortunately are sourced from much cheaper bovine collagen as in cattle or animal skins!

We ensure our marine collagen capsules are 100% marine derived from white fish.

Furthermore, all our collagen is sold in the more expensive to manufacture veggie capsules.

Buy your collagen from Body & Mind Shop and you are guaranteed a high grade superior quality pure marine collagen in Veggie Caps.

Why fish collagen has superiority over cheaper bovine collagen?

The very simple answer to this question is that there is a (one and a half times) better absorption rate from fish collagen compared to cheaper manufactured bovine sources of collagen such as porcine, in a gelatine capsule. And we even go one step further in delivering 100% Pure Marine Collagen in a veggie capsule which is more expensive to produce but provides a higher quality product.

High Quality, Quantity at an affordabkle price Marine Collagen Capsules

Why buy from Body Mind Shop - most collagen on the market is derived from animal skins! We guarantee our collagen to be 100% marine sourced. Further, all our collagen is sold in the more expensive veggie capsules. Buy your collagen from Body & Mind Shop and you are guaranteed a (superior top quality pure marine collagen in veggie capsule).

Higher Quantity of Collagen

Most collagen marine collagen supplements on the market is sold in 400mg capsules. Their recommended dosage is three capsules per day, giving a daily dose of 1,200mg of collagen.

Body & Mind Shop  marine collagen capsules are sold in higher 750mg veggie capsules for better absorption. Our recommended dose is two capsules per night giving a daily dose of 1,500mg, so not only are you getting superior quality, you are getting an extra 300mg per night, that helps deliver a better more refreshing nights sleep.

A Competitive Price ... PLUS a Special Offer!

We not only sell best quality marine collagen capsules and more of it at an extremely competitive price for 1 month's supply, we then make a special offer ...

Special Offer BUY just 3 months supply and we will give you an extra month absolutely FREE !

If you take advantage of our "Buy 3 Months get 1 Month Free" offer you will be paying just £14.97 per month for Body & Mind Shop Marine Collagen, shipped to your home or work address. Many of our customers are impressed with an improvement after just two weeks, However, we recomended that good absorption takes a number of months to see and feel a significant difference. In order to facilitate 90 days~6 month course that is not interrupted we provide the special offer.

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Beauty from within 'facelift' in a veggie capsule and list of positive health gains:

  • Increased Collagen levels naturally ( helpful in cases of stickler syndrome)
  • Revitalises, rejuvenates and regenerates skin
  • Stretchy responsiveness increases to plump out fine lines and wrinkles
  • 'crows feet' diminish frown soften and nasal labial lines are less pronounced
  • Preserves Lean muscle mass and better circulation
  • Underpins and fortifies nail and hair follicles
  • Helps joint pain and stiffness in arthritis.
  • Toughens connective tissue and cartilage
  • Assists in transportation of oxygen
  • Naturally detoxifies
  • Encourages inches loss and  fat reduction
  • Improves the immune system
  • Improves endurance and vitality
  • Improves sleep

And if, your serious about facial rejuvenation why not? use marine collagen  supplements in veggie capsules for home enhancement

White Fish Marine Collagen effectively turns back the clock on ageing and is used by many celebrities instead of botox!


White Fish Collagen let's you wake up feeling refreshed, by taking marine collagen capsules as supplements last thing before you go to bed for insomnia or to improve quality of sleep.

What is Collagen?

Ligaments, joints, hair, skin and nails are made from natural collagen protein and provides your body with structural support.

Seventy five percent of our skin is made up of collagen, and in total about 30 percent of our body is collagen. Collagen is the body's glue that literally rejunates and holds us together.

As we age, our body's production of collagen is reduced losing its youthfullness. Collagen production reduces as much as one and a half percent each year by about the mid twenties. Collagen supplementation is essential to support the body during these natural ageing processes.    

Skin Collagen

Marine Collagen is very important for the skin. Indeed, it is a key frame work protein holding the skin together. Collagen makes up to 75% of our skin, therefore it may be tempting to think that simply getting more collagen into the skin should lead to dramatic rejuvenating effects.

Type I Collagen -  Found in tendons, bones, skin and other tissues including scar tissue.

Type III Collagen - Common in fast growing tissue, particularly at the early stages (Phase 1) of wound regeneration and tougher type I collagen.
such as in a child's rapid and growing skin tissues contain a lot of collagen III, the type is also responsible for the softness of the young skin and during growth type III collagen diminishes, while that of type I improves and continues to build up until about the age of 35, skin strength is at its maximum, then it descends downwards. However, once beyond three score years in all types of collagen drop drammatically below their youthful levels.

Understanding collagen

Considering that collagen type I and III are to stimulate the synthesis of these types of an agent that is topical stabilized L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and Marine Collagen whose capacity to stimulate both type I and III collagen has been shown in a number of studies.

Collagen type I and III are found in the skin, the agents and treatments shown to stimulate the synthesis of these types are  topical stabilized L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) see Fat Burner Energy Release - ideal with its content of L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) delivered in a powder with magnesium specially designed to support with Marine Collagen whose capacity to stimulate both type I and III collagen has been shown in a number of studies.

Marine Collagen Benefits

How Collagen Works * Collagen to Fight Ageing * Collagen for Weight Loss * Collagen reduces inflammation

Marine Collagen Capsules as supplements  

Collagen injections have the disadvantage of only being effective near the injection site and in this way just plumping up the skin becomes increasingly expensive. However, now that collagen has been manufactured in a capsule form its convenience has made it available to everyone.

Usually around 20' plus our body's have less collagen than they could use and a slow decline starts, but by ingesting Hydrolysat Collagen into the blood-stream, we are changing that situation.

Insomnia and how collagen restores a normal sleep pattern with healing.

What actually happens during the first few hours of sleep is better known as the Alpha Sleep phase of the brains sleep cycle, where the  pituitary gland  releases Human Growth Hormone, to repair & replace mode (the collagen being the essential part of protein synthesis).

The HGH and Collagen enables, the body to synthesize all the protein it needs, not only to do the "essential to staying alive" repair & renewal work, but also less essential repair & renewal like re-building the skin, strengthening ligaments, cartilage and bone, normalizing the immune system.

Collagen replenishes the body's repair & renewal systems to work more effectively just as a youthful and growing person.

Acupuncture Face Lift at the Body and Mind Shop
What makes this facelift in a capsule challenge the ageing process?
Fish Collagen delivered in a capsule is a powerful long-term anti-ageing supplementation.  This 100% natural  protein in a capsule improves the skin's elasticity and suppleness, reducing lines and plumping up wrinkles to achieve a more glowing radiant complexion.

Fish Collagen enables essential body repairs to be carried out and not neglected to reduce the effects off ageing.

To develop a more youthfull smoother skin, especially around the eyes and lips, regular marine collagen supplementation leads to a firmer and anti wrinkle effect to help lift the overall facial tone. 

In order to return collagen levels to that of a younger person the only way is by supplementation as absorption is not possible from food..

Weight Loss & Reducing Body Fat

Weight loss acceleration, again is best achieved by intake at night, helping the body dissolve fat, it therefore has a roll to play in both weight management and the production of lean body mass in both sports and body-building.

Taking collagen at night enables the body to burn fat, as well as repair muscles, tendons and ligaments and when almost all the renewal and repair process takes place you can stimulate your body's own collagen production during the first two hours of sleep when the body produces Human Growth Hormone.


Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief, Joint Health

Many studies show pain reduction resulting in a changed life-style for many helping to prevent damage to joints and stimulate reductions in arthritic tender and swollen joints. Collagen naturally consists of 15% glucosamine and 15% chondroitin sulphate - two substances renowned for their beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.


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