Laminine combines well with Marine Collagen and supports healthy aging

Laminine for skin, muscle, bone and cartilage creation - turn back the clock on ageing!

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  • Laminine naturally becLoming firmer. The lines & wrinkles in the eye area will begin to diminish and the lip border area start to fill out.
  • Laminine unleashes a powerful repair mechanism inside all of us
  • Laminine It can bring physical, mental and emotional health to a new level.┬áLaminine
  • Laminine┬áhas a variety of potential health benefits, including strength, stamina, focus, improved sleep, increased libido,
Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate Fat Burner Energy Release Soluble Fine Crystals 250g


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  • Improves stamina, vitality and energy.*

  • Supports more restful sleep.*

  • Reduces stress.*

  • Alleviates joint discomfort.*

  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.*

We recommend 2 capsules twice a day in order for your stem cells to activate completely to start Repairing, Rejuvenating and Rebuilding. 2 in the morning and 2 in the early evening for a minimum of 1-3 months. People with chronic conditions may find additional Laminine more effective.

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Studies have shown that lengthening your telomeres can replenish your cells and support
and maintain healthy aging.*


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 This natural, synergistic superfood contains most known vitamins, important trace minerals, essential amino acids plus other nutritional elements. Laminine is nature’s pure, perfect food and the ideal combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant.*

What Is Laminine?
Laminine is a unique and patented formula that provides essential proteins and amino acids.
These amino acids contain the proper transport mechanisms that direct these nutritional building blocks to where our body needs it most.

One of The Most Important Laminine Ingredients is Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).
Found in the fertilized avian egg, Fibroblast Growth Factor speeds up tissue healing and improves cellular health. The combination of Fibroblast Growth Factor, amino acids and vitamins in Laminine deliver amazing health benefits.

The Proprietary Blend Used in Laminine is Known as OPT9.
Each Laminine capsule contains 620 milligrams of OPT9 - a combination of essential amino acids, oligopeptides and glycopeptides. All of these nutrients and microelements can be found in the fertilized avian egg. The OPT9 formula is further enriched through the addition of highly beneficial plant and marine nutrients.

"Clinical studies show that Fibroblast Growth Factor has a positive
impact on a cellular level, helping the body repair and rejuvenate itself"

This natural, synergistic superfood contains most known vitamins, important trace minerals
and eight essential amino acids sourced from land, sea and plant.

Laminine unleashes a powerful repair mechanism inside all of us. It can bring physical, mental and emotional health to a new level. Laminine has a variety of potential health benefits, including strength, stamina, focus, improved sleep, increased libido, and sense of wellbeing. These various effects may all be related to the significant reduction of the stress hormone cortisol following the ingestion of Laminine.

Laminine makes you look younger, feel younger combines well with Vitamin C

You can combine Laminine with Lamberts Vitamin C 

You will see results up to 2-3 weeks.

If you want soft glowing skin, sumptuous shiny hair, gorgeous thicker longer lashes, and stronger nails then Reverse Life marine collagen is the complete all in one solution for you. 

Beauties, discover our collagen 10000 Liquid, expertly designed for those who wish to promote beautiful, HEALTHY-LOOKING skin and fight the appearance of EARLY SIGNS OF AGEING. 

Keep refrigerated after opening. Store out of sunlight, look younger, feel younger. One cap full per day.

Drink 1 500ml Bottle will last 20 days.

Laminine for convenience in a capsule

Beauty from within 'facelift' in a capsule and list of positive health gains:

  • Increased Laminine levels naturally ( helpful in cases of stickler syndrome)
  • Revitalises, rejuvenates and regenerates skin
  • Stretchy responsiveness increases to plump out fine lines and wrinkles
  • 'crows feet' diminish frown soften and nasal labial lines are less pronounced
  • Preserves Lean muscle mass and better circulation
  • Underpins and fortifies nail and hair follicles
  • Helps joint pain and stiffness in arthritis.
  • Toughens connective tissue and cartilage
  • Assists in transportation of oxygen
  • Naturally detoxifies
  • Encourages inches loss and  fat reduction
  • Improves the immune system
  • Improves endurance and vitality
  • Improves sleep
  • Provides healthy body tissues
  • Stronger skin
  • Skin looks more beautiful and firmer
  • You will feel reborn
  • Helps relieve joint pain

Laminine replenishes the body's repair & renewal systems to work more effectively

just as a youthful and growing person.

Acupuncture Face Lift at the Body and Mind Shop

What makes this facelift in a capsule challenge the ageing process?

Laminine delivered in a capsule is a powerful long-term anti-ageing supplementation.  This 100% natural  protein in a capsule improves the skin's elasticity and suppleness, reducing lines and plumping up wrinkles to achieve a more glowing radiant complexion.

Laminine enables essential body repairs to be carried out and not neglected to reduce the effects off ageing.

To develop a more youthfull smoother skin, especially around the eyes and lips, regular marine collagen supplementation leads to a firmer and anti wrinkle effect to help lift the overall facial tone. 



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