NAC Bright Eyes Natural Eye Drops For Cataracts A non surgical alternative treatment for cataracts

Original Bright Eyes formulation as Shown on Richard & Judy

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  • Superior Formula the best money can buy
  • Bright Eyes is safe for use by people with glaucoma.
  • Bright Eyes is safe for use by people with cataracts
  • Bright Eyes is safe and suitable for use on pets and other animals
  • NAC Drops excellent results no need for cataracts surgery.
Bright Eyes Cataract's NAC Size: 2 x 5ml 2 boxes
Bright Eyes Cataracts NAC Size: 1 x 5ml 1 box
Bright Eyes Cataract's NAC Size: 3 x 5ml 3 boxes
Bright Eyes Cataract's NAC Size: 6 x 5ml 6 boxes

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Ethos Bright Eyes – NAC Eye Drops for Cataracts Multi Buy: 2 boxes - 4 x 5 ml bottles £126.97 Save £12.97
Ethos Bright Eyes – NAC Eye Drops for Cataracts Multi - Buy 3 boxes - 6 x 5ml Bottles £137.94 Save £27.00
Ethos Bright Eyes – NAC Eye Drops for Cataracts Multi - Buy 6 Boxes 12 x 5ml Bottles £249.97 Save £80.03

Ethos  Bright Eyes Range 

A non - surgical alternative treatment for cataracts.

We have created a multi buy which is the recomended complete course of 3 boxes, thats (30 ml) for each eye usually sufficient for a six week treatment. However, the more mature and  senile cataracts can take longer and will require an extended period of treatment.  There are other factors in avoiding surgery that can depend upon your age depend on your age health and the severity of each cataract.

Cataract:s are often described as a clouding of the lens or cornea of the eye which obscures vision.

Good News!! Expensive surgery can be avoided using NAC eye drops, helping to dissolve and melt away and prevent cataracts.

L-Carnosine, as well as other lubricants and vitamins in NAC eye drops help in reversing the ageing process of the cells that lead to cataracts. This superior formula for cataracts to treat your eyes can be applied inexpensively in the comfort of your own home.

NAC eye drops for cataracts are a safe hypoallergenic natural formula for people and their pets and other animals- also suitable for vegetarians.

Pinhole glasses and using NAC Eye drops help put your eyesight back in focus. To view our  selective range of training glasses to help you focus your eyes naturally - see Trayner Glasses under our family health section. Pinhole Glasses together with a healthy natural alternative solution could be the answer to your eye care worries.

 NAC Eye Drops and Eye nutrition:

A healthy diet with a high concentration of vitamin C can help in preventing,Intraocular Pressrew Associated with glaucoma and cataracts. Keeping tea, caffine and refined sugars to an absolute minimum together with a whole food diet is of particular importance in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). NAC Eye drops work well together with supplements vitamin A and B complex, which are required by eyes to keep them healthy. Vitamin A  is helpful in many eye problems which includes poor vision in dim light. Deficiency in B2 can lead to blood shot eyes. Good sources of omega 3 fish oil and using NAC eye drops for cataracts works wonders with Vitreous Opacities and Lesions. Computer Vision Syndrome even Contact Lens Disorders, Floaters, can be helped by improving your diet and especially vitamin E or taking regular supplements that combine all three antioxidants such as selenium ACE plus zinc that work together to help prevent cataracts. Remember by using NAC eye drops daily can help reduce risk of many different eye conditions; with a well balanced diet should be a powerful adjunct to not only improve your health but your vision in combatting eye conditions such as: Presbyopia, blurred vision, retinal disease, chronic eyestrain, corneal disorders, dry eye syndrome and ocular inflammation.

Bright eyes eye drops can be especially beneficial if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen or if you drive a lot at night, because they help to sooth tiredness and soreness of the eyes. For rapid relief you can apply one or two drops when you feel discomfort. Leave 30 seconds or more between drops ot allow for absorption. 


N- Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) - 1.0% (a super-antioxidant)

Glycerine (lubricant) - (1.0)%

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose sodium (lubricant) - 0.15%

Sterile water (opthalmic grade isotonic solution, pH 6.3 to 6.5)

Buffered with boric acid, citric acid, potassium bicarbonate and a preservative, purified benzyl alcohol

Bright Eyes

Size:  2 x 5ml Bottles

Excellent results have been achieved avoiding the need for surgery. And Endymion Powder supplement can also be taken as an adjunct orally to support the response healing from the inside to enhance the speed in which the drops can work.

Guidelines for Use

The suggested dose for NAC eye drops for cataracts is to apply a drop to each eye, a minimum of three times a day.. However if you suffer with cataracts already, you should be prepared to increase dosage to one drop as much as needed, every 2 hours in both effected eyes, for maximum effect. Just because you might be treating one eye, we also recommend that you put 1 -2 drops daily in the other.

IMPORTANT: There are restrictions on the sale of NAC eye drops for cataracts in the UK.  Please contact us for more details on: 01271378883

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