Grander water energy boards penergizer and pendants

Restructured revitalised drinking water technology for your home

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GRANDER Energy Board large (290x290mm) Product Code (WBPKG.
GRANDER Keychain (mini Penergizer). Product Code: (WEST SA)
GRANDER Energy Board small (170x170mm) Product Code (WBPK).


Applications & Products for Your Home

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The knowledge surrounding the (healing) powers stored in water is very old - many myths and stories from old cultural circles prove this.

Johann Grander realised 30 years ago how important it was to approach nature and the element of water with respect.

The origin of his thoughts was that the state of water has a significant bearing on our well-being and the preservation of our entire ecosystem.

Through many years of experimental and research work, Johann Grander came to the conclusion that water possesses the ability to transfer information.  This information transfer from one water to another presents a physical uniqueness and was first used by Johann Grander in this form.

Johann Grander's goal was make the properties of revitalised water transferrable - with all its positive effects for humans, animals and plants - to all other waters.


Water Revitalisation Devices

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Wooden Energy Boards:

The wooden energy boards contain a spiral copper tube, filled with Grander Information Water. Jugs of water, juices and alcoholic drinks and bowls of fruit all benefit from the revitalization effect. The boards are also effective in refrigerators to enhance vegetable freshness. The boards are also used adjacent to reverse osmosis water tanks.



This pretty piece of jewelry is filled with pure, precious Grander Information Water. It transmits the forces of nature and has a harmonizing effect on the body, mind and soul.


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