Lamberts Digestizyme 100 capsules

High potency digestive enzyme complex

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  • 100 capsules that includes Lipase, Amylase and Protease
  • If, your suffering with unpleasant sideffects from drugs such as Creon why not try digestizyme
Lamberts Digestizyme (Plant Sourced Enzymes) 100 capsules

LAMBERTS Digestizyme provides a broad spectrum of plant-sourced enzymes, which digest protein, fat and carbohydrate. The advantage of plant-sourced enzymes is that quality control is assured and contamination is significantly reduced.

Vegan  Vegetarian

A beige powder in a clear hard shell capsule.

Each capsule delivers: Enzyme activity*

Lipase 313 FIP Amylase 5000 DU
Protease 4.5 10000 HUT Protease 3.0 10 SAPU
Glucoamylase 9 AGU Cellulase 200 CU
Bromelain 120000 PU Papain 50000 PU

*The enzyme activity is measured and expressed in Food Chemical Codex (FCC) units the national standard for plant enzymes.

Encapsulated With :
Rice Bran Capsule Shell (Vegetable Cellulose)

Disintegration Time
Less than 30 minutes.

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