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  • 'Click Here to visit The Bemer Group' and shop direct from the official bemer website:

    Find out more how Bemer Therapy PEMF can help with chronic pain, erectile dysfunction and can be combined at home with Pure leech oil products and stretching exercises to grow your penis longer.

  • For penis enlargement a combination of Leech Oil with stretching techniques shown on a number of TV programmes to be one of the most effective ways of growing your penis longer and increasing girth without the need of surgery.
  • Sexual studies indicate, its surprising how a few extra inches and a good technique makes a significant difference in achieving arousal and sexual satisfaction.
  • Guidelines are provided with tips to increasing your sexual performance and sexual enhancement, through safe natural herbal solutions that are rewarding; releasing and liberating you, from the shackles of age and fatigue, to boost your confidence, libido, reduce stress levels.
  • Experts say that sexual well-being and good mental health is essential for endurance and longevity.

Invest in yourself in 2022 with Bemer Pro

Watch the Bemer 8 minute story  

that you can share with anyone interested in understanding

how the bemer signal works.

Let your family and friends experience the Bemer effect for better health and pain relief.

Dear Customer's we're being swamped right now with people concerned about the coronavirus who have discovered that resveratrol has strong antiviral properties and are requesting additional information about this which we are providing the links for you to have a look at as well.



RESVANTAGE for Humans (30 Liquid Capsules)

Visit our Resvantage Human product page.

As far as using the Bemer daily from the comfort of your own home goes, the two pronged strategy of using resveratrol for all its efficacies together with the circulatory benefits of Bemer make a strong case to pursue.

Just as in humans, reservatrol is an excellent nutrient that can be taken in isolation or with dailoy Bemer therapy from the comfort of your home. Find out more on how you can rent or buy direct the bemer mat, which you simply lie on twice a day for up to 8 minutes.

Serrapeptase which is available on prescription in Germany can also be used with reveratrol and other common found deficiencies in Magnesium citrate, vitamin c and anti oxidants needed on a daily basis to keep your fortify your own body Anti Viral activity.

Resveratrol a plant based form in recent years, where extensive research has been carried out, demonstrating its capacity to help prevent a wide variety of conditions too include: bacterial and and anti viral infections. 

Human resveratrol can also be taken on a daily basis to help fight against viral infection and cardiovascular disease. it may be the best tool for maintaining the overall health for you and your pets and horses. RESVANTAGE® companion pet and equine supplements contain non-grape sourced resveratrol blended together with a unique combination of nutrients that work synergistically to help them reach their full potential.
Visit our ResvantageCanine product page for your Dog in Pet section
Visit Resvantage Feline For Cats! under Pets!
Visit ResvantageEquine Newly released under our pet section for Horses! 

HURRY UP!  While stocks last and get Three months supply FREE of Resvantage: human, canine, feline, or equine when you your order Bemer Pro / Bemer horse blanket / Vet horse cuff. This offer is valid for a limited period only. This offer isn't available elsewhere.




Co-enzyme Q10 - Energy Plus

Sometimes called ‘ubiquinone’, from the Latin word meaning ‘everywhere’, but more often it...

from £13.99  

Herbal V Blue Patch male arousal bigger erections

  Herbal V Blue Patch The Herbal V Blue skin patch features natural ingredients...

from £15.99  

Herbal V Blue Patch male arousal bigger erections

  Herbal V Blue Patch The Herbal V Blue skin patch features natural ingredients...

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Penis Enlargement Oil - A Natural Male Enhancement

This Pure Leech Oil product is concentrated herbal erection oil with actual Leeches in the bottle and thousands of...

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Performance Booster

Performance Booster tablets contain one of nature's richest sources of Arginine, an amino acid that promotes...

from £15.99  

Q10 Ginsengkyo Complex

Q10 Ginsengkyo combats chronic fatigue, helping you to maintain vitality and provide a unique blend of...

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Penis Enlargement Oil

  This Pure Leech Oil product is concentrated herbal erection oil with actual Leeches in the bottle and...

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Horny Goat Weed

  Restore your bedroom performance by increasing your sexual vitality. The sexual side of any...

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Maca Virility & Libido Sex Pill for rock hard erections in men and sexual arousal in women

  New Maca Pills Virility & Libido Sex Pill Formula for Sexual arousal in Women and Rock Hard...

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