Bemer Machine For Therapy

BEMER has been clinically proven to be the absolute best therapy known to science that significantly improves “Blood Circulation” and/or “Micro Circulation”.

  • Improving the supply to organs and tissues
  • Supporting the healing of wounds and sports injuries
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Increasing physical and mental performance
  • Shortening recovery times in sports training
  • We will also talk/walk you through setting up the Sleep program when you are ready.

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Let your family and friends experience the Bemer effect for a daily boost to keep your immune system strong and pain relief.

Dear Customer's we're being swamped right now with people concerned about the coronavirus who have discovered that resveratrol has strong antiviral properties and are requesting additional information about this which we are providing the links for you to have a look at as well.



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As far as using the Bemer daily from the comfort of your own home goes, the two pronged strategy of using resveratrol for all its efficacies together with the circulatory benefits of Bemer make a strong case to pursue.

Just as in humans, reservatrol is an excellent nutrient that can be taken in isolation or with daily Bemer therapy from the comfort of your home. Find out more on how you can rent or buy direct the bemer mat, which you simply lie on twice a day for up to 8 minutes.

Serrapeptase which is available on prescription in Germany can also be used with reveratrol and other common found deficiencies in Magnesium citrate, vitamin c and anti oxidants needed on a daily basis to keep your fortify your own body Anti Viral activity.

Resveratrol a plant based form in recent years, where extensive research has been carried out, demonstrating its capacity to help prevent a wide variety of conditions too include: bacterial and and anti viral infections. 

Human resveratrol can also be taken on a daily basis to help fight against viral infection and cardiovascular disease. it may be the best tool for maintaining the overall health for you and your pets and horses. RESVANTAGE® companion pet and equine supplements contain non-grape sourced resveratrol blended together with a unique combination of nutrients that work synergistically to help them reach their full potential.

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Introducing Bemer

The Bemer machine has become more and more popular as many treatments are being administered from the home environment, why not consider having the Bemer machine the ultimate in physical vascular therapy enabling you to become active again; Watch our short informative video on how it works you can find out more about the bemer machine by contacting Body & Mind Shop direct who lead the way in global advances in healing technology. Find out how Bemer together with some practical steps to boost healing in your home or working environment can improve your quality of life.

Some doctors claim that the clinically proven, patented and revolutionary technology featured in this introduction is “The Most Remarkable Invention of our Lifetime”.   Here is why:

CHALLENGE:            The root cause of over 95% of all health problems is “Poor Blood Circulation” or “Disturbed Micro Circulation”.    As we age, many blood vessels stiffen up, slow or lose their ability to pump blood thus cutting off nutrients and oxygen and compromising our body.

ANSWER:       An amazing Medical Machine from Europe called BEMER has been clinically proven to be the absolute best therapy known to science that significantly improves “Blood Circulation” and/or “Micro Circulation”.   BEMER has 5 international Patents and is a CE registered Class IIa Medical Device with a mat that you lie on for 8 minutes.   BEMER sends out its patented signal that triggers Vasomotion.   Vasomotion brings more blood flow inside your blood vessels, more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues, removes more waste (i.e.:toxins) and gives the body what it needs to heal itself and perform at its best.


·         Over 1 million BEMER machines have been sold in Europe    (Yet, BEMER is relatively unknown in the USA or UK)

·         NASA has been so impressed that they sought out BEMER and recently signed an agreement to imbed the amazing BEMER technology in future space suits.

·         Several Professional and Olympic Athletes claim BEMER gives them a competitive edge.

·         Countless health challenged individuals claim a BEMER machine has helped them achieve “life changing” results


Learn how BEMER can significantly improve your health in only 8 minutes and is helping nearly 2 million people in 45 countries:   
NEW ...... Now learn how BEMER helps Horses, too:
It's incredible to think that lying on an electromagnetic field mat appears to help almost any condition by assisting your body to compensate with more energy and vitality to support your body and its own self defence mechanism to boost low vitality, which can be due to environmental and emotional stress, over work poor levels of nutrition and lack sufficient exercise

BEMER means: bio magnetic energy regulation. Bemer machines enables you in your own home or work place to do something to improve this lack of energy within each cell in the body. The treatment is portable and is applied using a mat to lie on allowing a pulsed magnetic field to envelop you. This treatment is entirely painless and is free of side effects. Bemer is made in Germany and has scientifically been validated in many clinical studies winning international acclaim for advances in technology.

BEMER therapy, based on principles of naturopathy and is a science based technology demonstrating, an optimum state of health can be regained.


Electromagnetic signals control all functions of the body promoting muscle growth, organ strengthening and building a strong and healthy immune system. In the absence of motion the tissues under perform from insufficient levels of electromagnetic energy, therefore without magnetism humans cannot survive. The root cause of most illnesses including cancer is low oxygen.

  • Detox and weightloss. Bemer not only significantly improves the electromagnetic energy to all the cells, it also increases circulation and helps to restore oxygenation levels to the tissues to enable the body to function at it's optimum to correct metabolic and vitality abnormalities.
  • Insomnia. The physioloical effects of Bemer treatment provide a full body experience and can be used for the treatment of insomnia using a night time programme. Bemer uses a PEMF signal as a vehicle to deliver a unique pulsed therapy to increase circulation in the small blood vessels and to treat insomnia with the mat placed over the mattress.
  • Recovery from sports injuries. Bemer is used by many athletes and sports competitors for inner calm, and to stimulate quick recovery with sports injuries.
  • Treatment in the comfort of your home. For many patience bedridden or with disabilities and recovery at home who have reduced mobility: Bemer can provide an alternative to the benefits of exercise and speed up recovery. Indeed it has become a revolution in smart home adaptions, which can offer many a freedom from recurring illnesses with it's 8 minute treatment session twice a day.
  • on how to rent or test the Bemer before purchase:

    John Woolf

    BEMER Certified Consultant

    Bemer Technology



    • 27% accelerated vasomotion
    • 29% improved blood distribution in the capillary network
    • 31% greater venous return
    • 29% higher oxygen saturation

    STEP by step Instructions of how to take advantage of the Rental home trial first Bemer option 8 weeks now only £499

    To "Try BEMER " - still at half price the BEMER Pro-Set as an example, this would lower the price of "Try BEMER" from £800 to £400. The processing fee remains £99. The new total price therefore £499. The total purchase price remains unchanged - only the costs for the test have been halved.

    Rental through a Bemer Partner offers a fantastic RENTAL DEAL.

    The procedure is: You send me your full delivery address and Telephone number. I will forward to Bemer Headquarters and you will get Invoice from H/Q by email, You transfer the funds and you will get a Brand New Sealed Bemer Set delivered from from H/Q.
    If by the end of the rental, you are not convinced, you Notify me and Bemer H/Q within the 8 week period. You will then get instructions from H/Q to send it back,

    But if you love it (like 99.99% of people), and wish to keep it, you just pay the difference, and it's yours.

    As a Bemer partner I can arrange this for you, just contact me with details by email: or ring me here on: 01271378883

Find out more

Would you like to know more about the BEMER Machine Pro Set / BEMER Classic Set, the many practical accessory products and the wide application range? We look forward to hearing from you and to answering your questions.

Ask John

This practitioner is not a medical practitioner but a Doctor of Osteomyology

M.A.O (Member of The Association of Osteomyologists).

07760768572, Doctor John Woolf, Ostm (Doctor of Osteomyology)


And Tim is the most highly Qualified BEMER Consultant in UK and Ireland

Find out today from John or Tim how Bemer can significantly improve your circulation and strengthen your body's own self -healing powers. Its a Non Invasive Therapy that can be used at home with absolutely no sideffects.

Find out the secure way to buy and be sure you know how to purchase Bemer through the official channels with full warranty and the price decided by the company for the (UK) Ireland and Global or if you have any problems or need more information before ordering - please do not hesitate to contact us either by email  / phone Tel. + (44) 01271 378883

Mob. +(44)7760 768572   Also on WhatsApp

or 'Click Here to visit The Bemer Group' and shop direct from the official bemer website:

John Woolf

BEMER Certified Consultant

Bemer Technology



  • 27% accelerated vasomotion
  • 29% improved blood distribution in the capillary network
  • 31% greater venous return
  • 29% higher oxygen saturation


VET Application ModuleVET HORSE CUFF

The Bemer Horse set was designed with help and advice from experts in the Equine Industry and has been REDDOT design award winner.

The Bemer signal is designed to treat the whole horse, not only where it is places, the cuff is for more intensive local treatment.

With the Bemer signal KEY TO HEALTH you can observe the horse getting relaxed within a few minutes of starting the Bemer.

More information is available on Facebook, or by downloading this PDF.

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