Bemer Machine For Therapy

BEMER has been clinically proven to be the absolute best therapy known to science that significantly improves “Blood Circulation” and/or “Micro Circulation”.

  • Improving the supply to organs and tissues
  • Supporting the healing of wounds and sports injuries
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Increasing physical and mental performance
  • Shortening recovery times in sports training
  • We will also talk/walk you through setting up the Sleep program when you are ready.

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Introducing Bemer

The Bemer machine has become more and more popular as many treatments are being administered from the home environment, why not consider having the Bemer machine the ultimate in physical vascular therapy enabling you to become active again; Watch our short informative video on how it works you can find out more about the bemer machine by contacting Body & Mind Shop direct who lead the way in global advances in healing technology. Find out how Bemer together with some practical steps to boost healing in your home or working environment can improve your quality of life.


Some doctors claim that the clinically proven, patented and revolutionary technology featured in this introduction is “The Most Remarkable Invention of our Lifetime”.   Here is why:

PROBLEM:            The root cause of over 95% of all health problems is “Poor Blood Circulation” or “Disturbed Micro Circulation”.    As we age, many blood vessels stiffen up, slow or lose their ability to pump blood thus cutting off nutrients and oxygen and compromising our body.

SOLUTION:       An amazing Medical Device from Europe called BEMER has been clinically proven to be the absolute best therapy known to science that significantly improves “Blood Circulation” and/or “Micro Circulation”.   BEMER has 5 international Patents and is a CE registered Class IIa Medical Device with a mat that you lie on for 8 minutes.   BEMER sends out its patented signal that triggers Vasomotion.   Vasomotion brings more blood flow inside your blood vessels, more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues, removes more waste (i.e.:toxins) and gives the body what it needs to heal itself and perform at its best.


·         Over 1 million BEMER have been sold in Europe    (Yet, BEMER is relatively unknown in the USA or UK)

·         NASA has been so impressed that they sought out BEMER and recently signed an agreement to imbed the amazing BEMER technology in future space suits.

·         Several Professional and Olympic Athletes claim BEMER gives them a competitive edge.

·         Countless health challenged individuals claim BEMER has helped them achieve “life changing” results




Here is another 7Minute Video

It is used in Hospitals and by Doctors around the world but has only recently come to Ireland and the UK.

Learn how BEMER can significantly improve your health in only 8 minutes and is helping nearly 2 million people in 45 countries:    Click HERE
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Would you like to know more about the BEMER Pro Set / BEMER Classic Set, the many practical accessory products and the wide application range? We look forward to hearing from you and to answering your questions.




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