Bemer Machine For Therapy

BEMER Evo has been clinically proven to be the absolute best therapy known to science that significantly improves “Blood Circulation” and/or “Micro Circulation”.

  • To view the BEMER range or to order use the following link to find out more info scroll down.
  • We Want Everyone To Experience the BEMER Premium Set Evo Supporting the healing of wounds and sports injuries
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Increasing physical and mental performance
  • Shortening recovery times in sports training
  • We will also talk/walk you through setting up the Sleep program when you are ready.
  • Within 8 minutes Improving the micro circulation supply to organs and tissues
  • Why not


To view the BEMER range or to order Bemer Premium Set Evo & Beauty Pack with a 3 year warranty and quick delivery

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We Want Everyone To Experience the 

BEMER Evo the "New Generation Health". 

BEMER Premium-Set Evo: Balíček all-inclusive

Does BEMER® Therapy help in the recovery/management of long-COVID-19/post-COVID-19 Syndrome?

BEMER® Therapy is known for its anti-inflammatory results, as well as its ability to regulate ROS signalling pathways.  It has been evidenced that with exposure of just 10minutes daily that a significant reduction in the inflammation caused by COVID-19 by as much as 25 per cent.

Therefore, at this time, it is more than reasonable to suggest that Bio-electro-magnetic-energy-regulation (BEMER®) therapy will support those individuals with symptoms of long-COVID-19/post-COVID-19 syndrome/prolonged COVID-19 will significantly benefit from daily exposure to BEMER® therapy.

No Matter Where You Are in the World

Bemer used in Hospitals and by Doctors around the world but has only recently come to Ireland and the UK

Countless health-challenged individuals claim BEMER has helped them achieve “life-changing” results by improving restricted blood flow, BEMER can help the body to perform its functions optimally.

Invest in yourself in 2024 & buy

the New BEMER Premium-Set Evo

* Please note that the products of the Evo line and the Pro/Classic lines are not compatible with each other.

We've had a lot of success helping people get better sleep.

We've seen some amazing improvement in the recovery time of athletes who use BEMER. Who do you know who would benefit from this

Learn how BEMER can significantly improve your health in takes only 8 minutes twice a day and is helping nearly 2 million people in 45 countries:

Learn how to use the BEMER with our back up support and videos

As regards training on using the Bemer, it is very simple Bemer will provide you with a simplified User Guide with decent illustrations and also some videos. We also provide telephone support by appointment.

BEMER Premium-Set Evo

The Body and Mind Shop as a Bemer Partner can arrange to facilitate the purchase of medical equipment and hi-tech solutions of Bemer technology. The New BEMER Premium-Set Evo: All-inclusive package or The Beauty Pack Evo and continue to supply accessories for the Bemer Pro Set all of which are Non-Invasive PEMF Machine for home use and is trusted by medical professionals and top athletes with absolutely no side effects.

Bemer Light Therapy

Beauty Pack Evo

The BEMER Beauty-Pack Evo – because beauty starts with your skin

Controlled by the B.Box Evo and easily applied with the B.Grip Evo, the two light applicators B.Light Clear Evo and B.Light Restore Evo project intense light at different, short wavelengths into the skin. This procedure is known among experts as “Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)”. While it sounds incredibly complicated, it simply brings additional benefits.

Puts your skin in the best light – couple in living room with B.Spot and B.Body

Beauty is a matter of trust – let’s look a little deeper

And because the two applicators operate at different wavelengths, their monochromatic light also penetrates to different depths inside the skin and can thus achieve different positive effects (2).

B.Light Clear Evo – Puts your skin in the best light

For gentle care of beautiful skin, the B.Light Clear Evo application module combines highly effective red light with blue photobiological light. This combination promotes the formation of high-energy bonds in skin cells and connective tissue (1). Since the B.Light Clear Evo primarily uses light with shorter wavelengths, it is ideal for superficial treatment of your skin – for example, for acne or even skin inflammations and injuries. Daily use of the application module, which is also very simple and convenient, can therefore contribute to an overall finer, more radiant complexion. With no need for creams. And entirely without chemicals.

Included in the system is the exciting new therapy unit based on the principles of light and laser treatment. It offers a wide range of applications and its simple handling confers a special value. The large-surfaced intensive red light shower is excellently suited for the local treatment of wounds, areas of pain, and chronic disease, and for the gentle stimulation of acupuncture points.

BEMER Premium-Set Evo

Let your family and friends your pets and your horses experience the Bemer effect for inner calm a daily boost for the immune system, quick recovery, and pain relief.

Learn how BEMER can significantly improve your health in only 8 minutes twice a day and is helping nearly 2 million people in 45 countries:

Here's more great information in this video: Click:

Learn how to use the BEMER with our backup support and videos

As regards training on using the Bemer, it is very simple Bemer will provide you with a simplified User Guide with decent illustrations and also some videos. We also provide telephone support by appointment.

With UK Bemer prices currently 25% lower than in the USA make sure you order Bemer through a registered Bemer Partner and Certified Consultant so that we can arrange lifetime training and support. Find our Bemer contact details below. The cost of Bemer is decided by the company. Order Bemer Today and it can be delivered to you in four working days.

Dear BEMER customers, 

Why not "Try BEMER"- Home trial 'test'

If you want to try before you buy in order to offer you the reassurance that bemer pro set can help with the health challenges you can use the Try at home test:

Rental home trial 'test' Explained 

Why not "Try BEMER"- Home trial 'test'

If you want to try before you buy in order to offer you the reassurance that BEMER PREMIUM SET EVO  can help meet your health challenges you can use the Try at home test:

The 8-week home trial is a 'test' period for anyone who is fairly certain and confident that they will want to go ahead with the purchase but needs that extra reassurance to try at home first.

The Rental home trial test Bemer option 8 weeks to "Try BEMER " - £800. Together with a non returnable processing fee of £99

If by the end of the rental, you are not convinced, you Notify BEMER H/Q within the 8- week period.

You will then get instructions from H/Q to send it back. But if you wish to keep it, you just pay the difference, and it's yours. 

As senior Bemer Partners we are able to arrange this for you by invitation only.

Please let us know if you have any questions and if you decide to go ahead with the procedure and we will arrange for an invite to be sent. You transfer the funds and you will get a Brand New Sealed Bemer Set delivered from H/Q

Contact Senior Bemer Partner John Woolf to arrange to call you for a FREE no obligation chat at your convenience to discuss your needs and whether the BEMER PREMIUM SET EVO will meet your expectations and explaining how to work out a daily program which meets you microcirculation requirements and how the accessories can be used twice daily to make the most out of your home trial. 

Ring John  +44 7760768572 on WhatApp  or email 

Bemer Shop

How to purchase Bemer

The New BEMER Premium-Set Evo: All-inclusive package

The Beauty Pack Evo can also be ordered securely.

Please note that we are able to supply customers with parts or accessories for Bemer Pro Set

Feel free to contact me John Woolf and have a chat to discuss any concerns and how to buy Bemer through the official channels with a full 3-year warranty and the price decided by the company for the (UK) Ireland and Global if you have any problems or need more information before ordering - please do not hesitate to contact us either by Mob. +(44)07760 768572  Also on WhatsApp email

Or If, you prefer to proceed online follow the guidelines below on purchasing the

 New BEMER Premium-Set Evo: All-inclusive package or The Beauty Pack Evo:

Here's are the steps on how to order: via bemer group official website: Remember if your struggling doesn't worry, just call us we are here to guide you through with step by step instructions via the official Bemer group website to help you through ordering process:

  • To start go to

  • Look on the left handside and click on the second button down OUR PRODUCTS button 

  • Next click on the NAVIGATION BAR (three black lines box shaped) located top right,
  • Next scroll down the page on the orange and click on VISIT THE SHOP 
  • Next scroll down the page and click on 'blue' Heading BEMER Premium-Set Evo 
  • or scroll further down the page and located below the image to the third on your right click through on heading in blue font The Beauty Pack Evo.
  • Once you have clicked through and selected your SETS  BUY NOW 

Please note before you click through on the BUY now button you can check under the Technical Specifications and under the Scope of delivery to confirm items included and Not included. 

  • Finally on the next page Click on Register Here and on the next page Fill in your details.
  • On the Next Page, you should see John Woolf. 

Confirm order. 

  • Next Click Box Next to I agree to the terms and conditions and click on your Payment Method. (You can use more than 1 Card)
  • Put in your Card details, and you may be asked to Verify your card (An extra layer of Security)

Now there is extra security where you have to put in some of the card details a second time. (This is since the New 2 Step Authentication came into operation)

  • Confirm order. 

Your Order is only complete when you get a Page saying order complete and Welcome

If, you’re or incurring any difficulties or need more information, please do not hesitate to ring me or Tim on WhatsApp

John  +44 7760768572 on WhatApp  or email 

John Woolf

BEMER Certified Consultant

Bemer Technology

  • 27% accelerated vasomotion
  • 29% improved blood distribution in the capillary network
  • 31% greater venous return
  • 29% higher oxygen saturation

"BEMER has been scientifically proven to help improve blood flow by about 30%"      Institute of Microcirculation - Berlin, Germany  

Fact:  Substantially improving blood flow allows your body to correct itself, heal on its own and perform at its best.

Nearly 2 million people in 45 countries benefit daily from More Energy, Better Sleep, Fewer Discomforts, Better Toxin Removal, Better Health, Feeling like they are 20 - 30 Years Younger plus so many other wonderful Health Benefits - Thanks to BEMER

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