Osteomyologist a multi-disciplined practitioner therefore with more 'tools' at their disposal, are better able to help with your condition

Osteomyology are practitioners trained to a high standard in disciplines of manual medical procedures.

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  • Using the most effective treatment strategies to be able to treat individual needs and the whole person in a very effective way.
  • Helping you to address the underlying causes of dis-ease, rather than only addressing the immediate problem
Osteomyology Consultation and treatment

Association of Osteomyologists

This practitioner is not a medical practitioner but a Doctor of Osteomyology

07760768572, Doctor John Woolf, Ostm (Doctor of Osteomyology) MD (TM) BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF CHINESE MEDICINE MAO, C.M.I.R., C.A.U.K., FACF.

Member of the Association Osteomyologists

What is Osteomyology?

Osteomyology is multi dimensional - multi faceted- multi skilled and by many means of operandi in short (that is Osteomyology).

The Osteomyologist embraces the principle of a fully functional medicine, which can be multi skilled incorporating their own unique ‘bespoke’ adaptation to be free to use any combination of their professional skills to identify and treat a variety of symptoms and syndromes and their causes, whether genetic, mechanical, systemic, environmental with the aim to restore good mental health and physical wellbeing.

Osteomyology, treatment is very much a patient lead ‘functional’ based treatment, which is patient orientated rather than disease focused on any isolated set of symptoms as in more Western based medicine.

Body & Mind Shop works with The Association of Osteomyologists and is very much part of promoting a home enhancement holistic, nutritional and herbal, drug free, non invasive 'lifestyle' approach, that better meets the needs of the patient in the 21st Century.

The Osteomyologist, can help provide useful strategies to address the underlying causes of disease, engaging both patient and consultant in a therapeutic partnership.

Osteomyology practitioners allow time with the patients, listening to their histories and lifestyle factors that as well genetics and environmental factors strongly influence outcome factors against chronic disease increasing the patient’s long- term health expectancy. In this way, Osteomyology supports the bespoke way of the individual life force of each individual patient.

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 Dr John Woolf Ostm (Doctor of Osteomyology) M.A.O. C.M.I.R. CA.U.K. F.A.C.F.

   M.A.O (Member of The Association of Osteomyologists).

   Clinics in Barnstaple and London

Tel: 01271378883 / 07760768572  E-mail: enquiries@bodyandmindshop.com

  Chinese Medical Institute & Register, LONDON

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology

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Osteomyologists, rather than being brain washed into believing, that only one school of thought hold all the answers, we all know actually from  our own clinical experience, we usually need to include a combination of Traditional practices, that have stood the distance of time over thousands of years, used by millions of people around the world successfully every day, which are often drug free based on a modern scientific 'Lifestyle' Holistic Alternative treatment plan of action, that can complement other medicines, increasing rate of recovery.

if, you are suffering with side effects of drugs and looking for a drug free or less drug reliance would like help with addictions such as food. Maybe you want to detox and would like to fast in the comfort of your home aviding the cost of a luxury health retreat, or looking for a non - invasive way forward, may be can help to increase the quality of your life.

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If, you want a second opinion, so that you can manage and be in control of your own health. If, you appreciate helpful nudges in the right direction, towards a gentler form of healing to stimulate Body and Mind well-being. 

Body & Mind Shop, believes in a patient lead functional medicine, that can work in a therapeutic partnership with you. We can start if you are not able to visit us by discussing a home enhancement health package of nutritional supplementation, that can be delivered, to your door. At Body & Mind Shop.com, we have non-surgical approaches that can be considered and continued alongside healthy home strategies, that can be designed (bespoke) to meet with your 'Lifestyle' and your working environment.

Osteomyology can offer an individual based - multifaceted, and multi skilled Naturopathic treatment plan that can include: Nutritional advice, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Auricular therapy (Ear & Body) and Cosmetic Acupuncture, T.C.M. Traditional Chinese Medicine, NLP, some Homeopathy, Manual Therapy, Cranial Osteomyology, Reflexology and more...

Body & Mind Shop works with the Association of  Osteomyologists: "We firmly believe that you can do far more with the body your born with than you can imagine".

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