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Womens Health

  • Gives you the leading edge in all the alternatives for the well being and restoring a natural hormonal balance that are not available in your local high street.
  • Menocool for hot flushes and night sweats.
  • MenoDuo An exciting New combination of Menocool and Phase 2 Vitamins for healthier, skin, hair, nails and bones.
  • Jamu herbal stick for tightening toning and vaginal cleansing.
  • Wild yam cream a natural HRT for restoring hormonal balance and osteoporosis.
  • Natural push up – does actually what it says: for restoring the shape and to improve your cleavage, increasing bust size without surgery or risk of silica.
  • Combining a natural approach for osteporosis by using Lambert's Osteoguard: Osteoporosis can be helped naturally and most effectively by adopting a wide-angled approach by increasing bone density using calcium with magnesium and D3.
  • Excellent studies around the world and in California have shown in women of mature years the importantance of boosting progesterone levels. See our Wild yam: PMS Cream to help provide another natural way to boost progresterone levels naturally helping to lift premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause, and osteoporosis. and oestrogen to assist in increasing bone density, with many added benefits including new found vitality and renewed energy levels. If, you are searching for an alternative and wish to avoid the often unpleasant and unwanted side effects associated with more orthodox medications.

Womens Health


MenoCool / Menopause Relief MenoDuo

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from £24.99 RRP £29.00 - Save 13%

PMS Cream, Menopause, and Osteoporosis

PMS Wild Yam Cream- relief from hotflushes without H.R.T. If, your experienceing any of the following...

from £27.99  

Breast Serum

The beauty of your breasts is dependent upon the elasticity of the skin. With Breast Serum® from Natural Push...

from £29.99  

Lambert's Pure Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg 90 caps

Find out how Evening Primrose Oil and Body & Mind Shop natural range of products can provide a safe: HRT...

from £9.95 RRP £10.95 - Save 9%

Jamu Herbal Stick Vaginal Soap

Ladies feel better toned, super tight and irresistible again. Irresistable results can be achieved within half an...

from £16.99 RRP £19.99 - Save 15%

Natural Breast Enlargement

Safe And Natural Breast Enlargement  Without Silicone. Eating natural Push up  (NPU) feeds the...

from £79.99  

Vaginal Moisturizing Gel works for dryness and painful intercourse

'Simplee Wonderful' Vaginal Moisturizing Gel   This pure vaginal gel has been procured by the...

from £15.99  

Lamberts Evening Primrose Oil drug free alternative for ADHD

Evening Primrose Oil can be an effective tool together with 'academic enablers' improving your childs study...

from £9.95  

Prima Jamu Herbal Vaginal Soap

Prima 'Original' Jamu Soap Prima Jamu 80 Gram Ivory Soap Bars This handed down family secret from...

from £12.99  

Herbal Hair Loss & Thinning Hair Formula

  Phase 2 melting tablets formula Lower Oestrogen levels and Natural Progesterone levels during...

from £26.36 RRP £28.36 - Save 7%

Lamberts Maximum Strength Osteoguard

Combined Natural Approach For Osteoporosis Using Osteoguard Lambert's, Osteoporosis can be helped naturally...

from £10.39  

Meno EEZE HRT help with herbal phytoestrogens

Meno EEZE Relief for Menopause Natural Herbal Phytoestrogens for Hot Flashes Meno Eeze is a Natural...

from £29.95 RRP £36.98 - Save 19%
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