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Womens Health

  • Menocool for hot flushes and night sweats.
  • MenoDuo An exciting New combination of Menocool and Phase 2 Vitamins for healthier, skin, hair, nails and bones.
  • Jamu herbal stick for tightening toning and vaginal cleansing.
  • Natural push up – does actually what it says: for restoring the shape and to improve your cleavage, increasing bust size without surgery or risk of silica.
  • Combining a natural approach for osteporosis by using Lambert's Osteoguard: Osteoporosis can be helped naturally and most effectively by adopting a wide-angled approach by increasing bone density using calcium with magnesium and D3.

Womens Health


MenoCool / Menopause Relief MenoDuo

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from £24.99 RRP £29.00 - Save 13%

Breast Serum

The beauty of your breasts is dependent upon the elasticity of the skin. With Breast Serum® from Natural Push...

from £29.99  

Lambert's Pure Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg 90 caps

Find out how Evening Primrose Oil and Body & Mind Shop natural range of products can provide a safe: HRT...

from £9.95 RRP £10.95 - Save 9%

Jamu Herbal Stick Vaginal Soap

Why Jamu Herbal Stick Ladies feel better toned, super tight and irresistible again. Irresistable results...

from £22.99  

Natural Breast Enlargement

Safe And Natural Breast Enlargement  Without Silicone. Eating natural Push up  (NPU) feeds the...

from £79.99  

Vaginal Moisturizing Gel works for dryness and painful intercourse

'Simplee Wonderful' Vaginal Moisturizing Gel This pure vaginal gel has been procured by the Body &...

from £15.98  

Lamberts Evening Primrose Oil drug free alternative for ADHD

Evening Primrose Oil can be an effective tool together with 'academic enablers' improving your childs study...

from £9.95  

Prima Jamu Herbal Vaginal Soap

Prima 'Original' Jamu Soap Prima Jamu 80 Gram Ivory Soap Bars This handed down family secret from...

from £12.99  

Herbal Hair Loss & Thinning Hair Formula

  Phase 2 melting tablets formula Lower Oestrogen levels and Natural Progesterone levels during...

from £26.36 RRP £28.36 - Save 7%

Lamberts Maximum Strength Osteoguard

Combined Natural Approach For Osteoporosis Using Osteoguard Lambert's, Osteoporosis can be helped naturally...

from £10.39  

Meno EEZE HRT help with herbal phytoestrogens

Meno EEZE Relief for Menopause Natural Herbal Phytoestrogens for Hot Flashes Meno Eeze is a Natural...

from £29.95 RRP £36.98 - Save 19%

Swansons Sea Buckthorn 60 caps

  Sea Buckthorn strength 400mg, 60 Capsules Help Keeping your vagina moist and plump Sea...

from £10.99 RRP £12.99 - Save 15%
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