Herbal Hair Loss & Thinning Hair Formula

Phase 2 melting tablets herbal formula used with Menocool, NPU to enhance results. Separate for hair loss, thinning hair, better, nails and skin

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  • hair growth can return to a normal growth
  • With hair loss treatment the shedding of hair can be reduced .
  • 100% herbal remedie hair loss formula tablet, that simply melt's in the mouth
  • Most important to take Phase 2 with Natural Push Up. We are hearing some women where the body was slow to respond reporting improvement.
Herbal Hair Loss,Thinning Hair Formula

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Phase 2 melting tablets formula

Lower Oestrogen levels and Natural Progesterone levels during menopause can cause hair balding and fall out

Natural Progesterone, Oestrogen, Androgen and Hair Loss

The imbalance of hormones: natural estrogen, progesterone and also for men with androgen alopecia are understood to regulate hair loss.

Hair thinning formula using herbal remedies for hair loss can help restore hair thinning in women along with hot flashes and nightsweats, especially when combined with 'menocool' and 'pms wild yam cream'.

For men: Herbal hair thinning formula can be combined with 'prostate care cream' with the added benefit to increase vitality; taking care of the prostate with this wonderful cream after the age of 40 years is highly recomended with the added benefit of helping to restore hair thinning.

Herbal Hair Loss and thinning formula helps to normalise fluctuating hormonal imbalances; caused by anxiety, stress and  dis - ease, or even medication in fact anything that can change the hair's natural growth pattern into a shedding phase. Therefore once any imbalance is restored the hair growth can return to a normal growth where any shedding of hair is reduced and finally stops. This is encouragng news for hair loss treatment for men as too much in testosterone can cause hair loss and in women any hair resting phase causing hair loss quite common during menopause can be lifted into a growth phase with natural estrogen.

* Why not combine Herbal Hair Loss Thinning Formula* with Menocool or 
Natural Push Up for natural hair and bust restoration *
  • Hair loss treatment for women
  • Herbal remedy for hair loss treatment for men

Herbal remedy for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair Formula uses a smart and exciting new method of delivery with a 'melting' tablet, so you don't even need to swallow tablet's, because as the name suggests it simply melts under the tongue to deliver it's phyto plus advanced formula and natural isoflavones extract, which is a 100% herbal formula 

Taking between 1-2 tablets per day with 60 tablets in a packet each pack should last approximately one month.

Hair loss treatment for women and users of our menocool, natural push up, pms menopause and wild yam cream and prostate care cream, can also restore hormonal balance more quickly with hair loss and thinning melting tablets and minimise the risk of losing, or balding hair.

Herbal melting tablets easily dissolved under the tongue and not be destroyed by the stomach acids also helps for improved, nails and skin.

Many of our client's report a positive effect on hair loss treatment for men and treatment for hair loss in women and thinning hair in oriental women with hair loss due to stress and vitamin D deficiency and herbal hair loss treatment for men with excess testosterone.


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