Prima Jamu Herbal Vaginal Soap

Original traditionally hand made Jamu soap for cleansing the womb

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  • To decrease the mucus of the vagina
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  • - Plus FREE Horny Goat Weed 84 capsules (two week's supply) worth £12.99 to energise sex drive and stamina in both men and women. WE DELIVER WITHIN DAY'S TO UK & Europe.
Prima Jamu Herbal Soap Bar. - Don't Worry! includes any (UK) Custom's Charge - plus FREE Horny Goat Weed 84 capsules (two week's supply) worth £12.99 to energise sex drive and stamina in both men and women. WE DELIVER WITHIN DAY'S TO UK & Europe.

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Herbal Soap Sari Rapet Prima For Reduce Unpleasant Vagina Odors

Prima 'Original' Jamu Soap

Prima Jamu 80 Gram Ivory Soap Bars

This handed down family secret from Jamu has become part of a daily cleaning and beauty routine cleansing and purifying mind body and soul.   The long lasting Jamu Herbal Soap has an alluring aroma that lingers on the skin, making the woman feel uniquely feminine. Its medicinal properties cleanse and purify the female sexual organs, imparting it with an alluring scent and appearance.


Many Indonesian women learn and adopt new or more elaborate vaginal practices at marriage. Among the Javanese and Sundanese, and many other ethnic groups, a bride is prepared for the nuptials by a professional wedding dresser ( tukang pais ). There is no standard way of preparation, but jamu is typically used to reduce vaginal odors and any excessive secretions. Occasionally, the dresser will advise the bride to undergo a special pre-wedding beauty treatment. At a beauty salon or spa, the bride might have her vagina "smoked," by sitting on a chair with a whole in the middle over a charcoal fire on which special herbs are placed to create a fragrant steam. This special hand made soap is made from traditional Madurese tropical ingredients.


1. To decrease the mucus of the vagina

2. To neutralize the womb's offensive odors

3. To keep the vagina clean


Massage the soap's lather in and around the vagina, let the lather take effect for 1 minute and then rinse with water. Sumber Madu Original Madurese product 80 grams - white No more smell and No more worries. Get the PRIMA Jamu Herbal Soap Now! Its a MUST for every woman!


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Vaginal Douching, Using Colloidal Silver, Avoiding Any Chemicals

If, you have ever considered Vaginal Douching why not use the best natural products from Body & Mind Shop.

Colloidal Silver can be the single most successful natural product for using in a douche and can be sprayed orally with Body & Mind Shop Colloidal Silver Spray 100m bottle ideally suited to carry with you to combat candida, or for first aid and spraying sore throats and any kind of inflammation.

Colloidal Silver Spray can be used with probiotics to help when your out of sorts or fatigued, but not at the same time, leaving a couple of hours before taken with Body & Mind Shop Superfoods: For Spirulina, Chlorella Superfood tablets to boost your immune system, to be more strong and healthy and resilient to have more recoil and be able to spring back to combat any yeast infection; see the natural high energy tablets keeping you going throughout your busy day under section: "anti ageing supplements and superfoods",

Colloidal Silver Spray is a microscopically pure mixture made from distilled water. These suspended silver particles, when diluted in water can provide immediate relief, because of its antifungal action. You can mix one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver with a glass of slightly warm water approx 250 ml to be used as a blend to douche the vaginal area.

Colloidal Silver can also be blended with Body & Mind Shop: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Activator in a wash. You can also try adding a sprinkle of sea salt, this also helps to relieve itching and speeds up healing -please do not use table salt.


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