ZERO Smoking : No Weight Gain pack

Stop smoking without gaining weight pack - to help you give up smoking while keeping you fit and trim!

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  • Organic Vitality & Slimming Fasting, dairy free probiotic blocking cravings curbing appetite and hunger pangs whilst increasing energy levels:

QUIT NOW - and stay slim with organic vitality tablets
Stop Smoking Pack - no Nicotine - no Drugs - no Weight Gain!

Suggested use: As a great detox stop smoking supplement the suggested dose to being smoke free and leanness and aliveness with organic energy. We supply you with 59 tablets: Adults take 2-5 tablets near 9-10am and 3pm. Only take more tablets after 3pm to combat any craving for a cigarettte or initial hunger pangs, or if you wish to replace an evening meal with water juice & soup.

Naturally eliminates nicotine addiction easily. Save money! Relieve side effects such as headaches, weight gain, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

Join the thousands who have experienced freedom from nicotine without using patches, gum, other nicotine products or drugs and their negative side effects.

The Stop Smoking: No Weight Gain pack contains the following three products:

  1. 59 Organic tablets a herbal blend boosted with good nutrition conataining all the amino acids trace elements your body needs to help sooth you to get through the worst phases of addiction
  2. Homeopathic formula one pills 'Detox and Anti Nicotine formula' containing a blend of calming, soothing, specially designed for those found in prolonged office work seeking stimulants such as coffeee.
  3. Homeopathic formula two encourages nicotine aversion and simply block the cravings for smoking naturally (the blend can be taken in anticipation of stressful situations where there may be temptations)

How 'Organic Stop Smoking' tablets block cravings

Our Organic Stop Smoking tablets soon ‘kick in’ to soothe nerves and cravings with a soothing, calming concentration of a natural balance of over 100 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, trace elements and all the essential amino acids: blocking cravings with good nutrition to help you get through the worst phases of addiction, usually around or between meal times for most people when feeling sleepy and unfocused ... and thoughts of coffee and chocolate biscuits float around in your mind! This is not unusual, because it is during these times that your blood sugar levels take a plunge.When the blood sugar is low you automatically crave for a stimulant such as coffee, tea or something sweet to bring the blood sugar level up. This cycle will continue unless you make an effort to stabilise it.

So, if you want to prevent cravings, follow Body & Mind Shop naturopathic guidelines to aid body detox. Taking Organic Stop Smoking tablets containing natural chromium minerals and over 100 nutrients will help. This natural balance is vital for maintaining blood sugar levels. A lack of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the body can be directly associated with symptoms of hypoglycaemia and diabetes. Organic Stop Smoking tablets provides you with the optimum levels of nutrition and can be used when trying to overcome sweet cravings and caffeine addiction as well as an effective aid for those trying to quit smoking.

So - be a non-smoker and enjoy better health - with Body & Mind Shop Stop Smoking: No Weight Gain pack!

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