Performance Booster

Naturally increase your general energy level and libido - eliminate fatigue


Performance Booster tablets contain one of nature's richest sources of Arginine, an amino acid that promotes the release of growth hormone which stimulates the body's own regenerative processes to build lean tissue and burn fat.

A growing wave of nutritionally enlightened fitness enthusiasts, body builders, professional coaches and competitive athletes take Performance Booster tablets for peak performance and endurance, and experience exciting performance improvements - consistently reporting increased energy and enhanced endurance capacity.

See our Nutritional Advice page to learn more about nutrition.

As a highly effective sexual enhancement product, you may also like to consider our Powerful Action Slimming pills. containing L Arginine. As a powerful addition, our 'Q10 Ginsengkyo Complex', can be used independently or alongside the Powerful Action Slimming pills.

Dose: 2 Performance Booster tablets three times a day 20 minutes before meals (up to a maximum dose of 6 tablets three times a day)

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