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Pet Care

Welcome to Body & Mind Shop

& John Woolf BEMER Partner (UK)

Interested in purchasing BEMER EVO / BEMER HORSE SET

Simply click through:

Ring John  +44 7760768572 on WhatApp  or email

Bemer Technology

  • 27% accelerated vasomotion
  • 29% improved blood distribution in the capillary network
  • 31% greater venous return
  • 29% higher oxygen saturation

Registered facilitator to purchase BEMER Horse Set. 

bemer horse set for sale

Bemer therapy for Horses

horse muscle relaxer

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy and Healing Devices for ...

Only the best for you and your horse

horse muscle relaxer/relaxant", "bemer horse-set/horse set for sale", "Bemer therapy for Horses" "Race horse muscle therapy".

Equestrian Consultant BEMER Int. AG have demonstrated how enormously your horse can benefit from the BEMER Horse Set.

Make no compromise and only the very best is good enough when it comes to your horse.

You can rely on the BEMER Horse-Set and the neck applicator as the ideal addition to your stable. The thoughtful design, user-friendly nature, and high-quality manufacturing make them an elegant, smart, and practical solution that you (and your horse) will love.

Why not: Go direct to our dedicated Bemer page

Find out more on the Bemer Horse set




Unlocking the Power of Stem Cells with Terahertz and Red Light Therapy
laminine cellenergy wellness wand

Click on link below to find out more:

1. Drink water before using the device.
2. Plug the Cellnergy Wellness Device into a power outlet and adjust the settings using the dial at the bottom:

laminine cellenergy wellness wand

Using Tera Waves can remove toxins, detect disease, unclog vessels, regulate organs and the immune system, repair damaged cells and tissue, as well as improve healing time. Dogs love it!

Resveratrol and its Preventative Effects on the mechanism of aging

Resveratrol is believed to reduce the negative effects of the ageing process and the ability of resveratrol to prevent age- related disease

Resveratrol increases the lifespine by regulating oxidative stress, energy metabolism 

To find out more on Resvantage Resveratrol
Visit Resvantage Feline For Cats! under Pets!
Visit ResvantageEquine Newly released under our pet section for Horses! 



Pet Care


Herbal Organic Dog Vitality Tablets

Herbal Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets are a herbal energy booster: a natural rich food source of B...

from £12.99  

Resvantage Canine with Resveratrol to increased dog longevity

Scientists have found Resveratrol slows down the aging process.  To find our...

from £33.99 RRP £35.00 - Save 2%

Resvantage Feline with Resveratrol to increase cat longevity.

Scientists have found Resveratrol slows down the aging process.  To find out...

from £38.69  

Bright Eyes eye drops alternative treatment for cataracts in dogs and pets

Body & Mind Shop Eye Drops Pet Sale! We feel that more of our pet owner's would like to try...

from £66.97  

BEMER Vet UK Bemer therapy for horses, Race horse muscle therapy a bemer horse set and a horse muscle relaxer,

Welcome to Body & Mind Shop John Woolf Senior BEMER Partner (UK) RACE horse muscle therapy and horse...

from £28.99 RRP £30.99 - Save 6%

Resvantage Equine

  Scientists have found Resveratrol slows down the aging process.  Watch this sixty minute...

from £108.88 RRP £121.98 - Save 10%

Lamberts Chewable Glucosamine Complex for Dogs (& Cats)

  These tablets have been specially formulated with the help of experts. With a unique combination of...

from £7.95 RRP £8.95 - Save 11%
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