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Pet Care


  • We can offer hi tech solutions such as the Bemer Vet . Watch how it works on our Bemer Pro Set and Classic Set short video.
  • Promote your animals athletic performance, increase their endurance, minimise the chances or them becoming diabetic, use cancer chemo-preventive supplements. With a range of resveratrol supplements for your cat, dog, and horse and one for human consumption. All of this can improve your pet's chances of living a longer, healthy and happier life.
  • We have Ethos Bright eyes eye drops for dissolving cataracts naturally, that can avoid expensive surgery, colloidal silver spray for all kinds of skin diseases, and removing, preventing the build up of plaque when brushing your pets teeth, not forgetting a probiotic herbal organic vitality tablet for your dog.

Pet Care


Herbal Organic Dog Vitality Tablets

Herbal Organic 'Dog Vitality' tablets are a herbal energy booster: a natural rich food source of B...

from £12.99  

Resvantage Canine with Resveratrol to increased dog longevity

Just, 5mg of (Resveratrol) maybe enough to extend your dogs longevity. Resvantage Canine using resveratrol...

from £24.39 RRP £26.39 - Save 7%

Resvantage Feline with Resveratrol to increase cat longevity.

Resvantage Feline is formulated for longevity of cats using Resveratrol 3mg as its key component in numerous...

from £24.39 RRP £26.39 - Save 7%

Bright Eyes eye drops alternative treatment for cataracts in dogs and pets

Removal of Cataracts If, you are looking for a natural cure for cataracts Ethos bright eyes drops provides, a...

from £66.97  


    How does the BEMER 3000 Vet work? Progressive Veterinarians and caring...

from £0.00  

Lamberts Chewable Glucosamine Complex for Dogs (& Cats)

These tablets have been specially formulated with the help of experts. With a unique combination of ingredients;...

from £6.95 RRP £7.95 - Save 12%
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