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Welcome to Body & Mind Shop

& John Woolf BEMER Partner (UK)

Registered facilitator to purchase BEMER PREMIUM SET EVO the "New Generation Health". 

Why not view the BEMER range or to order your Bemer Premium Set Evo with a full warranty.

Visit the official BEMER shop Simply click through:

Human Line: BEMER Premium Set Evo & Beauty Pack Evo

Equestrian Line: BEMER HORSE SET Neck Applicator, Horse Blanket, Cuffs, Sweat Blanket and more...


Why not "Try BEMER"- Home trial 'test'

If you want to try before you buy in order to offer you the reassurance that BEMER PREMIUM SET EVO  can help meet your health challenges you can use the Try at home test:

The 8-week home trial is a 'test' period for anyone who is fairly certain and confident that they will want to go ahead with the purchase but needs that extra reassurance to try at home first.

The Rental home trial test Bemer option 8 weeks to "Try BEMER " - £800. Together with a non returnable processing fee of £99

If by the end of the rental, you are not convinced, you Notify BEMER H/Q within the 8- week period.

You will then get instructions from H/Q to send it back. But if you wish to keep it, you just pay the difference, and it's yours. 

As senior Bemer Partners we are able to arrange this for you by invitation only.

Please let us know if you have any questions and if you decide to go ahead with the procedure and we will arrange for an invite to be sent. You transfer the funds and you will get a Brand New Sealed Bemer Set delivered from H/Q

Contact Senior Bemer Partner John Woolf to arrange to call you for a FREE no obligation chat at your convenience to discuss your needs and whether the BEMER PREMIUM SET EVO will meet your expectations and explaining how to work out a daily program which meets you microcirculation requirements and how the accessories can be used twice daily to make the most out of your home trial. 

Ring John  +44 7760768572 on WhatApp  or email 

Bemer Technology

  • 27% accelerated vasomotion
  • 29% improved blood distribution in the capillary network
  • 31% greater venous return
  • 29% higher oxygen saturation

Helping you to look and grow younger, combat fatigue, post covid and insomnia.

Body & Mind Shop

"You can do far more with the body you were born with than you would imagine"

Mission Statement

Body & Mind Shop works with The Association of Osteomyologists and is very much part of promoting a home enhancement holistic, nutritional and herbal, drug free, non invasive 'lifestyle' approach, that better meets the needs of the patient in the 21st Century

Association of Osteomyologists

Body & Mind Shop recomend a range of holistic natural treatment services and offer bespoke nutritional help to increase your vitality health and well being with supplements that are very much patient lead from your home including the supply of BEMER treatments and therapy.

The Body and Mind Shop being a (UK) Bemer Partner can arrange to facilitate the purchase and home trial of medical equipment and hi-tech solutions of bemer technology including the BEMER Evo the "New Generation Health" the all-inclusive package for your Physical Vascular Therapy.

We Want Everyone To Experience the 

BEMER Evo the "New Generation Health". 

  • Watch the difference using Bemer short video BEMER before and after

Find out how to purchase Bemer or arrange a Home trial test

The New BEMER Premium-Set Evo: All-inclusive package

The Beauty Pack Evo can also be ordered securely.

  • For all the information you need please click through to our dedicated BEMER page.

Why not: Go direct to our dedicated Bemer page

For an overview and Holistic Approach on all of our animal products 

 simply click through on the page below link:

 Dedicated BEMER pet-care-vet

Body & Mind Shop along with non surgical procedures like BEMER procure leading organic alternative health products including natural stem cell supplements and herbal remedies providing a natural alternative to drugs and surgical procedures with a selection of optimal health products that help to deliver such as Natural Push Up, Natural Breast Enlargement, Resvantage Resveratrol which has strong anti-aging, anti-viral properties, losing weight, cellulite reduction, Menocool hot flushes menopause, Homeopathic combinations for Weight loss and Stopping smoking, Calming blends for anxiety, Skin problems, migraines, arthritis remedies. and can work alongside BEMER for improved microcirculation.

Body & Mind Shop is the recognised (UK) importer of Resvantage Resveratrol

Scientist have found Resveratrol slows down the aging process. 


RESVANTAGE for Humans (30 Liquid Capsules)

As far as using the Bemer daily from the comfort of your own home goes, the two-pronged strategy of using resveratrol for all its efficacies together with the circulatory benefits of Bemer makes a strong case to pursue.

Just as in humans, reservatrol is an excellent nutrient that can be taken in isolation or with daily Bemer therapy from the comfort of your home.To find out more click through on our dedicated Resvantage page.

Click through on the following link: Visit our Resvantage Human product page.

Pet health it may be the best tool for maintaining the overall health of you and your pets and horses. RESVANTAGE® companion pet and equine supplements contain non-grape sourced resveratrol blended together with a unique combination of nutrients that work synergistically to help them reach their full potential.

Visit our ResvantageCanine product page for your Dog in Pet section
Visit Resvantage Feline For Cats! under Pets!
Visit ResvantageEquine Newly released under our pet section for Horses! 

We can also assist you with a bespoke nutritional package, which may include our high-strength Serrapeptase 250,000 iu (visit our product page for more information): an enzyme, with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and profound benefits in the reduction of pain that can be used with Bemer therapy and can help remove plaque build-up from the arteries and improve the circulation together with advice on necessary vitamin/mineral/enzyme supplements and dietary advice which is important for a swift recovery and continuing good health. You will also qualify for our Preferred Customer discounts for any of the necessary products, which are available from Online shop.

Increase your adult stem cells naturally.

Find out how these four stem cell supplements work.

To find out more on Cerule and StemEnhance ULTRA and how to purchase products individually at low prices or at the best wholesale price Click Here:

Dedicated BEMER pet-care-vet
Our Price Match Guarantee

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Lose Weight & Self Help Hypnosis Audio CD's

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BEMER Vet UK Bemer therapy for horses, Race horse muscle therapy a bemer horse set and a horse muscle relaxer,

  Welcome to Body & Mind Shop & John Woolf BEMER Senior Partner (UK) To view the BEMER...

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Margaret Russell PhD BDSA - Airdrie Scotland

Many of the things we associate with the ageing process are avoidable and premature, from obesity, sagging breasts, eyebrows and eyelids, frown lines and wrinkles, hormone imbalance, hot flushes, hot flashes, night sweats, high cholesterol and blood pressure, to aching joints, lack-luster libido, and fatigue! Body and Mind Shop's long-term holistic natural health supplements and herbal remedies offer a 'lifestyle' change so that you can quite literally face up to a younger-looking you. Forget expensive and risky surgical face lifts and body sculpting - Body and Mind Shop believes

This practitioner is not a medical practitioner but a Doctor of Osteomyology

M.A.O (Member of The Association of Osteomyologists).

07760768572, Doctor John Woolf, Ostm (Doctor of Osteomyology)

Acupuncturist registrant of BAF (British Acupuncture Federation) organisation.


Disclaimer & Consumer Advice:
All testimonies found on this website are 100% genuine. Actual results may vary per individual, and should be used in conjunction with a proper nutritionally balanced diet plan and exercise regime. The statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the MHRA or FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. Our dietary supplements are not recommended for persons under the age of 18 unless recommended by a GP.

We aim to use as much recycled or previously used packages whenever possible in order to reduce environmental impact and appreciate your understanding and support with our efforts to be more eco-friendly! We can assure sure you that this will have no effect on your order arriving safely!!


Monday to Thursday 10 - 4.00 pm, Friday 10am - 3.30pm (opening and closing times can vary and include weekends).

Outside of these hours please submit an enquiry via the contact us page.  

We monitor the inbox regularly for any new urgent enquiries email text Whatsapp 07760768572 seven days a week.


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